Sizzling Noodle and Claypot Tom Yam in Every Food Court

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Sharing the all time favorite Sizzling Noodle and Claypot Tom Yam Noodle that you can find it at almost every shopping complex in Penang such as Gurney Plaza, Tesco, Queensbay...etc as long as there is a food court then most of the time you can get it.

I been eating this shop Sizzling Noodle since i was form 3 when i work in One-Stop Shopping Complex, the Sizzling Noodle has very strong mushroom and chicken sauteed flavor while the Yee Mee has the deep fried aroma, when both put together it form the stunning dish. It seem to be simple prep by the chef but the awesome gravy that make it so delicious, even the chicken is so flavorful as it always deep inside the gravy. I just love it so much and once a while i will eat it again, again and again.

Sizzling Noodle

Sizzling Noodle

At the same stall you may try it Claypot Tom Yam Noodle as well, it is freaking hot and keep boiling even though you has finish half bowl of it. The Claypot consistently maintain the heat but never overcook the noodle, the Tomyam soup has high level of sourness and mild spiciness, it is very rich in flavor and delicious.

Claypot Tom Yam Noodle

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