Somboon Seafood Bangkok Near MRT Huai Kwang

*This review is part of our Bangkok 2012 Travel.

Once again we return to Somboon Seafood Restaurant, actually I miss the Grilled Fresh Water Prawn but sadly the transportation and distance to T&K Seafood is not that convenient hence I decided to go Somboon since it just beside MRT Huai Kwang Station. I told myself two items I must eat before I went back to Malaysia which is Deep Fried Sea Bass and Grilled Fresh Water Prawn.

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Sweet Fishsauce $380, sea bass is perfectly cut into half and split across the plate, sea bass deep fried to golden color which gave a crispy texture while it remain juicy inside, sweet fish sauce is added at the bottom to give extra flavor. The sweet fish sauce has slight sautéed together with sweet taste which goes so well with the fish.

 Deep Fried Sea Bass with Sweet Fishsauce

Piquant Glass Noodle with Pork and Shrimps $100, shallot, dried shrimp, pork minced, spring onion, chili with 2 big prawn mixing with sweet and spicy sauce, it is extremely appetizing. Glass noodle fully absorb the sauce which make it taste very flavorful.

Piquant Glass Noodle with Pork and Shrimps

Deep Fried Mince Prawn Ball $150, crispy deep fried prawn minced that has very strong prawn flavor and springy texture, taking it with the plum sauce provided is very delicious.

Deep Fried Mince Prawn Ball

Grilled Fresh Water Prawn $400, this is what I come here for tonight but sadly the fresh water prawn is not as good as T&K Seafood, it not as fresh compare to T&K Seafood and it slightly overcook as well. I remember in T&K the grilled fresh water prawn is very springy and the head is very juicy but not here. T&K fresh water prawn also much more cheaper.

 Grilled Fresh Water Prawn

Crab Fried Rice $100, whole lot of egg use to fried rice but sadly the rice is a little but too soft and the crab meat is just add on top instead of stir fried together, the crab meat and rice seem like two different thing that doesn’t form one single dish.

Crab Fried Rice

Overall the food is still above average but today selected dish is not as good as our first visit and for grilled fresh water prawn still T&K Seafood better.

Time to sleep, after taking seafood dinner it time for us to go back hotel and prepare to go back Malaysia the next day.