Somtam Nua at Siam Square Soi 5

*This review is part of our Bangkok 2012 Travel.

Somtam Nua Restaurant located at Siam Square Soi 5, we went there by taking BTS and stop at Siam Station, walking down to Siam Square and explore the various Soi untill we find SomTam Nua at Soi 5. Got to know this restaurant by recommendation from traveler sharing in forum, they are known to be cheap good Thai food. 
SomTam Nua Restaurant

I drink the plain water that come with glass bottle that hardly can find in Malaysia anymore.


Fried Chicken $98, The deep friend chicken is very presentable where the chicken deep fried to golden color, the skin is extremely crispy while the inside is juicy. It has very strong garlic flavor and fully absorb the marinated sauce which taste sauteed.

Fried Chicken

We ordered one rice and the rice served with banana leave, this plate of authentic Thai rice really smell good and taste good.

Fried Chicken

Hot and Spicy Crispy Fish $95, I believe it is fresh water fish as it has the mud taste and fish meat is very soft, fish scales is not clean thoroughly, cook with sweet and sour sauce garnished with peanut, dry chili, onion, mint leave and spring onion.

Hot and Spicy Crispy Fish

Hot and Spicy Crispy Fish

Papaya Salad $59, Somtam mean green papaya salad hence we put high expectation for this restaurant since they name their restaurant Somtam Nua. The Papaya Salad we had has a lot ingredients in it such as crispy pork skin, dried red shrimp, tomato, long bean, peanut, green papaya, chicken ham and rice noodle. It season with special made sweet and sour sauce which taste sweet, sour and a little bit spicy after taste. It indeed very delicious and appetite.

Papaya Salad

After filling out stomach with some Thai food it time for us to do some shopping, we walk around Siam Square and Siam Paragon but we just window shopping.