Tsurukame Shabu Shabu Steamboat Buffet

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Tsurukame Shabu Shabu is a steamboat buffet restaurant located inside Queensbay Mall, it been quite sometime since they into operation but we never get a chance to try it out until lately Groupon offer 46% off only I bought 2 voucher to try it. It cost RM25 each person and for that price I think it might worth the value since we can enjoy sea view from the restaurant while enjoying our food. My first impression to the restaurant was good as the waiters is promptly served you and cater your need throughout the whole dining session.

We sit in a four person table which has two cooker that allow us to choose two different soup which is either tom yam, kimchi, miso or clear soup. We decided to go for Kim Chi and Tom Yam soup.
Tsurukame Shabu Shabu

All the steamboat ingredients as served on conveyor belt, deep fried item on another corner with some fried rice and noodle while fruit and ice cream is served side by side. There is huge variety for beverage such as ice lemon tea, ice peach tea, hot white coffee, hot coffee…etc.

At the very first round we are quite happy to take all food each, we have fish ball, golden needle mushroom, sushi, pork ball, vegetable…etc, around 15 different types of ingredients.
food served on conveyor belt

Simple salad with fresh vegetable.

Then we have deep fried fish ball, tofu and shishamo fish. Honestly their deep fried items is totally out, very cold, not crispy and oily, Shishamo fish is totally a waste as it totally not edible.
Deep Fried Item

Fried rice and noodle is another disappointment as it very cold, hard and not much flavor.
Fried rice and noodle

Back to our steamboat, the Tom Yam soup is just average with not much Tom Yam flavor while the Kim Chi soup is much better which more flavorful. Only one round and we are almost done as we keep waiting but nothing new served on conveyor belt anymore, it keep repeating the same thing. I am curious why don’t they put something else there, for the same cost they can serve many other thing. They do have slice meat but only pork and it very limited and not fresh.
Tom Yam Soup Steamboat

Kim Chi Soup Steamboat

There is oyster served but we dare not try it as it doesn’t look fresh.

We ended our meal with a few pieces of watermelon.

It was quite disappointed as the steamboat ingredients choice is too less and all other food is below average. You can join our Taste…iest Facebook Fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste…iest, Penang Food Blog.

1 Star Rating

Tsurukame Shabu Shabu
Central Zone 3F-23, 23(C1), 23(A) & 23(B)
Third Floor, Queensbay Mall
Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas Penang
Tel: 04-6435260
N5 20.053 E100 18.378

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