Eastin Hotel Valentine Dinner Love Is In The Air 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! Well, while we are busy preparing for Chinese New Year don't forgot the 5th day of Chinese New Year is Valentine Day as well. Don't be too excited with the drink and gambling because you need to be prepare to celebrate the lovely day with your love one. I am very excited to share with you a great deal from Eastin Hotel "Love Is In The Air" which price at RM238++ per couple and early bird with full payment got to enjoy 5% discount, if you plan to enjoy a lovely night with your partner then you may enjoy the offer of RM120++ per night staying at Eastin Hotel which normally cost RM400++. Great Deal? Yes but i want to share with you in more detail what you going to get in the dining package.The 5 course meal has two option for main dish which is either Roasted Sea Bass or Grilled Chicken.
Eastin Hotel Valentine Package

Let start with appetizer which is Duck Confit Lasagna and Lily Pulp, Spinach with Sun-Dried Tomato Essence. The duck meat is pre-marinated and cook in low heat oil for 11 hour, nice plating and the complex flavor is just awesome. Fresh lily pulp not only make the dish presentable instead it has very sweet flavor and crunchy texture that help to boots the flavor to max. I just get to know that this is a award winning dish, no wonder it taste so good.
Duck Confit Lasagna and Lily Pulp

Soup provided is Seafood Consomme with Pearl Vegetables and Egg Custard, nice plating with a huge prawn served with black cavier. A little more seasoning will definetely make this soup flavorful.
Seafood Consomme

The first option for main dish is Oven Roasted Sea Bass rolled with Lobster Mousse served with Spicy Sauce, thick cut of sea bass is fresh but a little more crunchy on the skin will definetely make it taste better.
Oven Roasted Sea Bass rolled with Lobster Mousse

Another option for main dish is Grilled Chicken Supreme rolled with Asparagus and Cheese served with Morels Cream Sauce, it look to be a simple chicken breast with some souce on top but instead it fill with three different type of cheese in it and gravy with Morels Cream Sauce which is extremely flavorful and rich in flavor.
Grilled Chicken Supreme rolled with Asparagus and Cheese

Dessert served is Spicy Mango Cheese Cake and Deep Fried Iced Chocolate. Chef is trying to bring out the meaning of love by containing Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy taste in dessert. You will be suprise by the mango layer on the mango cheese cake has it blended with chili padi and you can even has a bite on it. It might not be acceptable by others but i truely enjoy it, it really special and i has never ate something like this before.
picy Mango Cheese Cake and Deep Fried Iced Chocolate

2 glasses of House Wine and Pralines(Chocolate) is served in the valentine package as well.
Eastin Hotel Valentine Package


Eastin Hotel Valentine Package
We do hope you enjoy the dinner and wish you Happy Valentine!

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