Fa Guo San 花果山Dessert at All Season Place

All Season Place is new happening place that has many new restaurant grand opening lately, the one that caught our attention is definitely Fa Guo San Dessert shop. The restaurant is nicely decorated, simple yet elegance. Fa Guo San just into operation around two months and it crowded after dinner time, their signature dish is definitely the Honey Toast which is a big piece of toast top with assorted fruits and ice creams.

Honey Toast is created at 80 century where the simple yet luxury dessert has become popular dish nowadays. The awesome look dessert decorate like a castle with ice cream, fruit, yogurt and assorted colorful candy. The toast is bake before serving to create a crunchy skin that goes well with assorted syrup and the great taste always surprise first time eater.

We try three different toast throughout the whole night which is Strawberry Lover Honey Toast RM17.90, Black Forest Honey Toast RM17.90 and Chocolate Fondue Honey Toast RM25.90. The toast is crunchy which coat with sugar and top with cream, strawberry, blueberry and ice cream. The Black Forest Honey Toast is more toward chocolate flavor while Strawberry flavor are more toward fruits, both has its own unique flavor and the portion is big enough for 3 persons to share.
Black Forest Honey Toast Chocolate Fondue Honey Toast

Strawberry Lover Honey Toast

Chocolate Fondue Honey Toast RM25.90. Chocolate Fondue Honey Toast has additional bowl of chocolate that allow you to dip the toast and fresh fruits provided.
Chocolate Fondue Honey Toast

Waffle is a batter-based or dough-based caked with rich milk and egg, topping with assorted fresh vegetable and syrup.
Waffle with Mango and Ice-Cream RM15.90 is well plate with ice cream, mango, strawberry, blueberry and passion fruit syrup. The waffle is perfectly nice with crispy outside which soft inside, top with ice cream and various fruit making it refreshing and delicious, additional passion fruit syrup on top giving a sweet and sour taste.
Fa Guo San Dessert Shop

Ice Fruit Tea that has very strong passion fruit flavor in it which as well has assorted fresh fruits cut into small pieces.
Mixed Fresh Fruit Soda

Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert that created with ingredient such as cream, milk and sugar with gelatin which was then top with a layer of caramel.
Caramel Panna Cotta RM9.90 come with mango, blueberry and strawberry. It has strong milk taste with a hint of caramel flavor, it best eating with fruits that taste sour to balance the sweetness and sourness.
Caramel Panna Cotta

Cheese Cup? It is a cheese cake that served in small pot with a stick of flower on top, inside the pot has two different layer that consist of sponge cake and cream.
Blueberry Crumble Cheese Cake RM11.90 and Banana Crumble Cheese Cake RM11.90
Cheese Cup

Cheese Cup

Crumble Cheese Cake

Raspberry Chocolate Coffee RM7.90
Raspberry Chocolate Coffee

Ice Coffee Latte RM6.90 which has very similar taste as Nescafe which has strong coffee taste.
Ice Coffee Latte

Mixed Fresh Fruit Soda RM6.90 has assorted fresh fruit juice cut into small pieces served in soda drink.

Fa Guo San
Fa Guo San Dessert Shop

Fa Guo San Dessert Shop

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6h-1-6 All Seasons Place
Lebuhraya Thean Teik 11500
Ayer Itam Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
N5 23.782 E100 17.417

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