Heaven Gate Restaurant Penang

Heaven Gate Restaurant is a fine cuisine western food restaurant located in Penang heritage “UNESCO HERITAGE BUILDING” at King Street. The restaurant use to be very fine dining style serving high quality food with fantastic environment but due to the market demand they have converted to less fine dining style and much more friendly pricing for even bigger portion.
Heaven Gate Restaurant Penang

Passion Fruit Healthy Tea RM9.90, very strong fruit tea aroma and very fine fruit taste with a little bit of sweet taste, serving in a very small cup that allow you to properly sip and taste the drink.
Passion Fruit Healthy Tea

Passion Fruit Healthy Tea

Soupe Aux Champignons RM8.90, Homemade Mushroom Soup cook with 4 different type of mushroom to extract mushroom essence, the mushroom soup has sweet taste and strong mushroom flavor, it as well very creamy.
Homemade Mushroom Soup

Chutney De Pommes Cotelettes D’agneau RM39.90, Apple Chutney Lamb Chop served with baked potato and salad. I find the apple chutney is a little bit sweet and overpowering the lamb flavor, I know most of the people don’t like lamb smell but that is the taste I after.
Apple Chutney Lamb Chop

Magret D’oie Roti RM58, Roast Duck Breast with red wine honey sauce is one of their signature dish which is really delicious. The duck breast is perfectly cook, juicy, soft and not chewy while the sauce provided is as well very delicious. The salad provided is very fresh and a little bit of lemon juice in it making it taste so food.
Roast Duck Breast

Rouge Cuisse Chevreuil Roti De Vin RM58, Roast Deer Thigh with sweet wine served with garlic bread, baked tomato, salad and baked potato. We have never eat a deer shank cook in the way how normally people use to cook lamb shank, according to the owner most people cannot accept lamb smell and in ordered to totally remove it smell then it need long hour and the meat will become drink hence they decided to try something new by using deer shank, I am surprise by success of using deer to replace lamb because the texture is very close and even the taste is pretty similar.
Roast Deer Thigh

Araignee De Mer Epicee RM65, Baked Spider Crab with spice and herbs accompany with salad & sweet potato. Have you ever eat spider crab or saw it before? No? We has never eat it before, I use to see it in discovery channel but not in real life, I know it very rare and only available at certain country for selection months only so we are lucky to try it here.
Baked Spider Crab

Close look at the spider crab which was coated with a layer of sweet sauce and herbs.
Spider Crab

Cutting the spider crab into half reveal the meat and roe, it has a lot of crab roe in it which has very strong taste and it delicious.
Spider Crab

Rouge de Poulet Chop Vin RM21.90, Red Wine Chicken Chop. Seasoning chicken chop with honey & red wine done with sweet potato and salad. Deep fried chicken is extremely crispy while the honey and red wine sauce is extremely flavorful, both combine together making this dish perfect.
Red Wine Chicken Chop

Crème Brulee RM10.90, Crème Brulee consisting of rich custard base topped with a layer of hard caramel. Immediately when the hard caramel break we can smell the rich egg aroma, the custard is extremely smooth and full of egg flavor while the hard layer of caramel gave a light sweetness and aftertaste.
Crème Brulee

We really enjoy eating here, the food is really top notch and service is awesome.
heaven gate restaurant penang

heaven gate restaurant penang

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1A Lebuh King, George Town, Penang 10200, Malaysia
Contact: +6017-4145945 Mr. Choo (Manager)
N5 25 193 E100 20.471

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