Matsuki Japanese Restaurant

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Matsuki Restaurant is a Japanese Restaurant that served authentic Japanese food, it located in a big bungalow along Cantoment Road. The restaurant doesn’t look to be attractive as the building and signage is old and color fade out. We worry the about the cleanliness, food variety and food quality since we do not have much confidence but no matter how we need to try once and since it been established for so long it must be a reason why it still here.
Matsuki Japanese Restaurant

Step into the restaurant it gave me a very traditional feeling, all furniture and decoration are mostly wood, it is clean and tidy.
Matsuki Japanese Restaurant

Matsuki Japanese Restaurant

Tori Katsu Curry Set RM20, bento set served with rice, salad, miso soup, fruits, pickles and appetizer. Deep fried chicken with bread crumb is crispy while Japanese curry cook with carrot and potato has the fruit sweetness making the curry very delicious, pouring the curry on top of the deep fried chicken and eat with white rice is so delicious.
Tori Katsu Curry Set

Pouring in all the curry on top of the chicken and let the chicken absorb the curry flavor and sweetness.
Tori Katsu Curry Set

Tori Katsu Don RM18, deep fried chicken with onion and egg in special sauce served with white rice, miso soup, pickles and fruits. Onion sweetness cook egg is really perfect combination and the essence of two flow into the rice making the rice flavorful, same goes to the chicken which is soft and juicy.
Tori Katsu Don

Matsuki Sushi RM18, inari sushi, ebiko sushi, tamago, tempura sushi, crabmeat stick sushi, kappamaki served with miso soup and fruits. Sushi rice is perfectly seasoning and wrap with assorted ingredients, no Japanese rice use instead they use local rice but with the great seasoning the sushi still taste very good.
Matsuki Sushi

Matsuki Sushi

Thick cut of tomago.
Matsuki Sushi

Mix Shitake Batayaki RM15, pan fried assorted mushroom in butter sauce, this dish is rather normal as it lack of butter taste.
Mix Shitake Batayaki

We enjoy eating in Matsuki Japanese Restaurant, reasonable price, quality good, clean environment inside but not outside. You can join our Taste…iest Facebook Fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste…iest, Penang Food Blog.

5 Star Rating

Matsuki Japanese Restaurant
62, Jalan Pemenang, 10250 Penang
12.00pm – 2.30pm ; 6.00pm – 10.30pm
N5 26.025 E100 18.798

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  1. I tried Matsuki before … and the food is just norm. The price is reasonable but it won’t attract me as a return customer. Too bad.


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