Ferringhi Garden Romantic Environment Restaurant

Our last visit to Ferringhi Garden Restaurant was 2010 and we had extremely good memory, Ferringhi Garden serving good food with great environment. We return again after two year and this time we are going to try more dishes.

Baked Mushroom RM18.80, two big size of mushroom marinated and baked to perfection, it is very juicy and flavorful.
Baked Mushroom

Mixed Loaf RM10.80 is a combine of garlic and tomato loaf served with two different sauce which is sour cream sauce and tomato sauce. The combination of both sauce is pretty delicious.
Mixed Loaf

Chicken Chop RM32.80, deep fried crispy chicken served with mushroom gravy, chicken meat is extremely juicy and delicious.
Chicken Chop

Char Grill Salmon RM53.80, very thick cut salmon grilled to perfection with a layer of crunchy skin served with baked potato, salmon doesn’t has any fishy taste instead it is very delicious.
Char Grill Salmon

Lemon Garlic Chicken RM34.80, one whole big piece of chicken breast top with lemon sauce served with one big portion of mashed potato. If you are chicken breast lover then this will be your favorite because the big chunk of chicken meat is very juicy.
Lemon Garlic Chicken

Grilled Chicken RM34.80 whole chicken leg grilled and serve on top of assorted grilled vegetable, the grilled chicken slightly overcook and dry inside.
Grilled Chicken

Beef Burger RM28.80, warming to those who has a small mouth as this definitely too big for you because even big mouth like me also having problem enjoy it in bite, the patty is extremely thick and juicy, the meat juice just flown out from it and the combination of bacon, egg and cheese is just awesome.
Beef Burger

Beef Burger

Crepe Suzette RM20.80, flour made dessert served with extremely sweet syrup which is totally disappointed, it was way too sweet.
Crepe Suzette

Overall we are satisfy with the food but the dessert is very disappointing, it was way too sweet.

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4 Star Rating

Ferringhi Garden
34-C Batu Ferringhi
11100 Penang
2.00 pm till 12.00 am
604-88 111 93
N5 28.234 E100 14.721

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