Lau Sang at Ocean Green Seafood Restaurant

Ocean Green is one of my favorite seafood restaurant in town where you can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood, the restaurant is well located right beside seaside with tremendous view. Ocean green do serve the most expensive fish which is “Wang Bu Liao” for a premium price but that is not our standard to try it out yet. Let get start with our Chinese New Year must do Lou Sang.

Yu Sheng RM58 or we call it prosperity toss which is one of the Malaysia Chinese culture to do this event during Chinese New Year, the higher you toss the fastest your wish come true. Assorted crispy flour made items with few slice of salmon, top with sweet sauce before tossing, it taste sweet and crispy.
Lou Sang

Everyone is too happy and excited, the whole table is full of Yu Sheng.
Lou Sang

Claypot Seafood RM70, rich ingredients such as abalone slice, fish maw, sea cucumber, sea asparagus and vegetable braised with soup stock. Seafood is very crunchy and fresh, I like the sea cucumber very much as it is very soft and fully absorb the soup stock freshness.
Claypot Seafood

Steam Red Snapper RM70, one big whole fish steamed with soy sauce, fish is fresh but it must be finish early else it texture become hard due to the candle flame keep heating it up.
Steam Red Snapper

Steam Red Snapper

Salted Egg Prawn RM60, fresh big prawn without shell coated with a layer of salted egg then deep fried to golden color. The salted egg coating gave a sweet and salty taste together with prawn springy and firm texture is truly awesome.
Salted Egg Prawn

Stir Fried Kai Lan RM20, Kai Lan is very crunchy and it has the “wok hei” that make the vegetable delicious.
Stir Fried Kai Lan

Chicken Satay RM25 is one if my favorite dish, even though it cost RM1 each but it pretty big and the flavorful chicken meat must be marinated for pretty long time.
Chicken Satay

Deep Fried Spring Chicken RM24, Spring Chicken doesn’t has much taste and the chicken meat is slightly chewy, it is slightly overcook and not really taste that good.
Deep Fried Spring Chicken

Kam Heong Squid RM30, squid coat with a layer of flour deep fried to perfection then stir fried with Kam Heong sauce, deep fried make the squid contain it moisture while the kam heong sauce gave additional flavor to it taste.
Kam Heong Squid

Overall Ocean Green do serve good food and we are all happy dining here, the down side is the restaurant close too early. We plan to have a long chit chat but sadly they start to close down at 10pm.
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4 Star Rating

48f Jln Sultan Ahmad Shah,, Georgetown, Prince Edward Island 10050
604 2274530
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N5 25.576 E100 19.568

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