Lolipot Shabu Shabu Queensbay Mall

Lolipot Shabu Shabu Restaurant is one of the most view article in and it time for a return after so long never visit. Last time I went Lolipot Shabu Shabu Restaurant during lunch time where no buffet available hence I decided to try it at dinner time. I read some mix review before going and some complain about it food quality and talk about it service, let me find out what is true and what is not.

It cost RM99 for 2 person which is RM49.50 per pax which is not cheap, it almost hotel buffet price (I mean those normal buffet instead of Japanese or Seafood). My expectation is up one level when realize the price is almost RM50 per pax. The best thing is every individual has it very own pot with your own choice of soup, we selected the milk and tom yam soup.
Lolipot Steamboat Restaurant

Certain seafood is not on the conveyor belt but you may request from the waitress anytime and it unlimited. Item such as flower crab, prawn, bamboo clam, fresh scallop and mantis prawn.
Lolipot Steamboat Restaurant

We had “fresh” scallop, mantis prawn and crab at the first round, when they served the crab I am extremely disappointed. The crab is extremely small and frozen while the scallop is as small as 10cents coin, the worst is the mantis prawn that not even in proper shape. After cooked the crab has some weird taste, the prawn shrink like nothing while the mantis prawn just disappear in the soup. Honestly all those seafood is extremely disappointed and not fresh.
Steamboat Ingredients

The small size scallop that look to be artificial instead of fresh scallop. I might be wrong but my instinct tell me the texture and taste is not fresh.

Shabu Shabu meat has option of Pork, Beef and Lamb. We ordered all 3 type and luckily their shabu shabu is fresh and edible. It quite enjoying eating the slice meat but not much we can eat either as we reserve our stomach for something else, by the way the shabu shabu meat is free flow.
Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu Steamboat

Other steamboat items is not bad, assorted type of fish ball, vegetable, tofu, mushroom, noodle…etc.
Steamboat Ingredients

Steamboat Vegetable


They do provide some cooked food but due to the extremely cold air-con all those food become cold, hard and tasteless. They should put steamer or something to keep those food heat else it is not edible at all.

Free flow ice cream has around 4 to 6 choices.
Ice Cream

Dessert of the day is Fu Chok Yi Mai.

Overall it is very disappointed, they have to improve on their seafood, I would strongly suggest to reduce the price and take off not fresh seafood. The soup is not bad and those normal steamboat ingredients is acceptable. Service is good, promptly attend to our need with smile.

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2 Star Rating

B-16-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 3, Bay Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
11.00AM – 3.00PM
6.00 PM – 11.00 PM
N5 20.249 E100 18.421

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