Tong Pak Fu Dessert Shop Famous Snow Ice

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Tong Pak Fu 糖百府 Dessert shop that located at Jalan Burma, Gurney and Queensbay Mall is recently crowded with dessert lover, I use to confuse with the other Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House , the easiest way to differentiate them is the Chinese word 糖伯府 vs 糖百府。糖白府 is the one origin from HongKongwhile 糖伯府 origini from Malaysia. Tong Pak Fu Gurney

The famous dessert in this restaurant is definitely the snow ice which form by many layer of thin flavorful ice, it doesn't melt easily on plate but due to it thin layer immediately after putting into mouth temperature it melt straight away. Tong Pak Fu Gurney

Since we just had our dinner before hence we decided to share one bowl of snow ice, we want to try it mango snow ice but sadly sold out hence we decided to try the Guava Snow Ice RM8.80. Honestly it is quite expensive because there is government tax and service charge which make it close to RM10 for one small bowl of ice. The Guava snow ice doesn't has very strong flavor instead the addition essence apply on top making it tasteful but i like the melt in the mouth feeling.

Guava Snow Ice

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Penang Jalan Burma No.229-F, Jalan Burma, 10050,Penang.
Queensbay Mall 2F-102 & k1, 2nd Floor, 100, Queensbay mall,Persiaran Bayan Lepas, 11900 Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang
Gurney Plaza Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang
Tel: 04-2290120
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