Ipoh Famous Tsuen Wan Million Noodle at The One Penang

Tsuen Wan Kopitiam is now open it branch in Penang, the famous Ipoh Million Noodle is finally make it foot step in Penang and lucky for those who stay at Bayan Lepas area. The restaurant is located at The One newly shop lot which is the same area as Green Island Western Food .
Tsuen Wan Million Noodle

Tsuen Wan White Coffee RM1.80, for just RM1.80 we got to enjoy a cup of pure Ipoh white coffee. It has very strong flavor and smooth while drinking.
Tsuen Wan White Coffee

Polo Bun RM2.00, I am surprise by the crunchiness of the bottom of polo bun and a thick layer of butter in the middle with a hint of sweet taste bun on top. The overall combination making this small polo bun extremely delicious.
Polo Bun

Ipoh Curry Mee Dry RM5.50, if you favor dry Curry Mee then this definitely suit your taste buds. The curry sauce on top is pretty spicy with a hint of sourness making the noodle very rich in flavor, it doesn't has much ingredients but the simple noodle with the special made curry sauce is enough to make me asking for 2nd bowl.
Ipoh Curry Mee Dry

Ipoh Curry Mee Dry

They even provide us additional bowl of curry, even it taste spicy and sour but we keep adding it into our bowl of noodle. Yummy!
Curry Sauce

Tsuen Wan Million Mee RM5.50, Tsuen Wan Kopitam signature dish, it look bland and boring when served to our table but you will be surprise when you eat it. The simple noodle pack a bunch of flavor and the noodle is springy and delicious. If you like spicy taste then remember to ask for their home made sambal, which is not spicy but very flavorful.
Tsuen Wan Million Noodle

Tsuen Wan Million Noodle

Tsuen Wan Chicken Rendang with Rice RM7.80, one whole chicken leg deep fried to perfection then top with sweet and sour sauce, chicken meat is juicy while the sauce provided very delicious as well.
Tsuen Wan Chicken Rendang with Rice

Tsuen Wan Ginger Chicken Rice RM6.80, for those who like ginger like me will definitely love this dish. Whole lot of blended ginger cook together with chicken meat, chicken meat as well very juicy.
Tsuen Wan Ginger Chicken Rice

Overall I am impress by Tsuen Wan Kopitiam food and drink, reasonable price and high quality of food.

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1-1-10/12, Tingkat Mahsuri, 11950, Bayan Lepas, Penang
10am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
N5 19.651 E100 17.012

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