Nyonya Dinner with Pearly

We are glad to meet up with Pearly again after so long we never meet each other, just in case you doesn't know how we know each other, you can hop over to Nyonya Cooking Class for more detail. Today we are not going to cook instead we going to enjoy a great dinner prepare by Chef Pearly and her family. We really appreciate opportunity dining together with her.

Kerabu Vegetables, a dish that influence by Thai cuisine, assorted vegetable with pineapple mix with sweet sauce. The overall texture is crunchy and extremely flavorful which is great to serve as appetizer. When I first look at the green vegetable I expect it to be very vege taste but I am wrong as it doesn’t has any, instead the dressing and dried shrimp making it taste awesome.

Blue Rice, stir fry till fragrant then cooked in rice cooker with blue flower
Blue and White Rice

5 Spiced Pork Roll, pork marinated in 5 spice powder, garlic, water chestnuts and wrapped in bean sheet deep fry till golden, served with sweet sauce and cucumber. In most occasion people will call this Lobak, it has slice meat marinated with assorted spices that make it flavorful while the water chestnuts gave a great crunchy texture.
5 Spiced Pork Roll

5 Spiced Pork Roll

Curry Kapitan, chicken cooked with lemongrass, fresh turmeric, galangal and fresh red chilies. The curry is extremely flavorful and not too spicy while the chicken meat is extremely juicy.
Curry Kapitan

Jiew Hu Char, stir fried mixed vegetable with dried cuttlefish. This is my all time favorite which required a lot of pre work and cutting skill is very important to ensure the right texture being produce. I eat a big plate of it.
Jiew Hu Char

Kiam Chye Ark, duck cook in salted veg soup, favored with nutmeg and mushrooms. Very rich flavor soup that goes well with steamed rice.
Kiam Chye Ark

Sambal Goreng, prawn in white sauce of cashews, lemon grass, tamarind and coconut cream served with chili sauce and cucumber. I still remember on last Pearly Cooking Class we never expect the Sambal Goreng to be white color as the word Sambal relatively link to Red and Spicy but the creativity of Pearly mixing assorted ingredient making the sauce into white color is so special, the sauce itself is very flavorful with strong cashew nut fragrance.
Sambal Goreng

Longetivity Noodle (Sneah Jit Mee), yellow noodle cook in great stock with pork, chicken and egg. The most important is the chili paste that give extra boost the overall flavor. Normally Chinese will eat this noodle during birthday which represent long life.
Longetivity Noodle

Longetivity Noodle

Durian Dessert, durian cook with sago. To those durian lover like me this is definitely the best as it has extremely strong durian fragrance.
Durian Dessert

One whole plate of Nyonya food, Thanks to Pearly and family for their cooking effort.
Nyonya Dinner

Photo with lovely Pearly.
Pearly with Us

Pearly going to organize Nyonya Dinner every month and the good news is it open to public but with limited seat only, for more information please visit Dine with Pearly, remember to choose the correct month and inform Pearly how many pax.

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