Via Pre Tavern On The Harbour Italian Restaurant Weld Quay

Via Pre Italian Restaurant is situated at Weld Quay which famous for its authentic Italian food, Via Pre restaurant is located beside main road and easy to find parking lot at road side. The restaurant itself is spaces with high ceiling and dim lighting, there is one big dessert area together with cold cut and cheese while on the right hand side has huge board listing down wine list offer in restaurant.
Via Pre Italian Restaurant

While waiting for our food, a bowl of bread served with olive oil and vinegar. There is chili flake and cheese powder provided for main dish use. Three type of bread served to us and we finish it all, we regret. I going to tell you why we regret in later part. Dipping the bread with olive oil and vinegar surprisingly good.

Olive oil with vinegar

Tagliere Piemontese for two persons. This super big plate of cold cut and cheese consists of eight different cold cut with assorted cheese that I failed to name any of it. Overall it is very good combination to try everything in one go but this so called two persons is definitely too big for us, it would be suitable for 5 persons. At first few slices with cheese, it is very interesting but after getting more and more it getting salty.
Tagliere Piemontese

Tagliere Piemontese

Aglio & Olio Tutto Mare RM78, a plate of seafood instead of spaghetti. Whole lot of seafood such as fresh squid, scallop, dried squid…etc stir fried with spaghetti, spaghetti has very strong seafood taste and it indeed quite special and delicious just that the price too high.
Aglio & Olio Tutto Mare

Calzone Via Pre RM36, doesn’t it look like a curry puff? Instead it is Pizza that wrap like a curry puff, the pizza crust is a little bit soft in the middle while crispy on outer part. It fill with tomato puree, meat, mushroom and cheese. It is very flavorful and delicious but sadly it was too big, after we taking all those bread with olive oil now our stomach is too full for the whole pizza.
Calzone Via Pre

Calzone Via Pre

Tiramisu which served in a small cup that taste not bad but lack of some alcoholic taste.

Overall Via Pre Italian Restaurant do served something different from other Italian Restaurant and we enjoy dining here but the price slightly higher compare to others.

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4 Star Rating

5, Weld Quay, Georgetown 10300 Penang, Malaysia.
+604 2619 800 / +604 2620 560
+604 2630 560
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