Spade’s Burger

Spade’s Burger is a newly open burger shop located at Taman Pekaka where the famous Maxims Dim Sum located, Spade’s Burger is actually using Maxims Dim Sum shop lot at night selling burger. The setup of the burger shop is very simple as they just into business but slowly they will expand and make it better.

The trend today is Charcoal Bun and Charcoal Bun. Everyone is trying to make a good charcoal bun and Spade Burger did not disappointed us with their charcoal bun as it is fluffy and nice looking.
Charcoal Burger

Burger patty are self-made with their own secret ingredient and grilled to perfection. The original patty is bigger than what is show in picture as this is special made for tasting, we have a number of burger to try out throughout the whole night.
Burger Patty

Different type of burger has its own ingredients but all does has the special made secret sauce.
Porky Pair Burger

Bacon strips burn at the side, it will be good if they can cut it out.
Spade Burger Pekaka

Spade Burger Pekaka

Porky Pair RM9.90 which came with single patty, bacon strip and cheese. Pork is slightly overcook and dry inside but the seasoning is enough to make it flavorful.
Porky Pair Burger

Spade’s Hot Chick RM9.90 with single patty, cheese and bacon. Chicken patty has much better taste and juicy inside.
Spade's Hot Chick

Last but not least the must try Shroomception which is new to the menu and you will never know what is it until you have a bite on it. A huge Portobello mushroom is deep fried and top with golden mushroom as burger patty. It is so special and delicious.
Shroomception Burger

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2-G-8, Pekaka Square (Next to Maxim Dim Sum) Taman Pekaka, Penang
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm Closed on Thursday
N5 20.945 E100 17.708

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