Xi Meng Ding Taiwanese Restaurant at Bishop Street

Welcome Xi Meng Ding 西门町! Hold on, it is not a Taiwan travel post instead the restaurant Xi Meng Ding is a restaurant located at Bishop street offer wide range of Taiwanese food and some local delicacy.

Tomato Plum Juice RM5.90 taste sweet and sour which is extremely good start for our meal, tomato and plum blended together with ice making it very refreshing.
Pearl Milk Tea RM4.90 is very smooth and the pearl is well cook to soft and springy, very strong milk flavor as well.
Tomato Plum Juice and pearl Milk Tea

Fried Rice RM4.50, the rice is perfectly cook which retain it texture and good cooking skill mixing the egg all over the rice making it very flavorful, adding on the sambal definitely enhance it flavor.
Fried Rice

Ginseng Fiber Drumstick Soup RM12, one whole drumstick cook with assorted herbal especially "American Ginseng", long cooking time making the soup full of herbal taste, it good to eat with steamed rice.
Ginseng Fiber Drumstick Soup

Xiao Long Tang Bao RM8 (4pcs), skin is very thin and soft while juicy inside, i find the meat slightly too soft which lost it biting texture but still taste good.
Xiao Long Tang Bao

Xiao Long Tang Bao

Fish Beehun Soup RM7.90, according to the owner his father is fisherman hence they got the most fresh seafood, in this bowl of fish beehun soup a few big pieces of fish meat is served which is extremely fresh and i can taste it sweetness. The soup itself is rich in flavorful and overall just delicious.
Fish Beehun Soup Fish Beehun Soup

Crispy Butter Toast RM3.90, roasted toast with condensed milk and butter is one of the signature toast offer here, the toast is thick and crunchy outside while fluffy inside, on top of the toast a layer of condensed milk and a layer of butter which create a great combination.
Crispy Butter Toast

Golden QQ Ball RM6.00, normally sweet potato ball we eat are firm and soft texture but here the sweet potato ball is crispy outside while a little bit chewy inside, thanks to the great use of glutinous rice flour which created the springy texture.
Golden QQ Ball Golden QQ Ball

Sizzling Plate Crispy Chicken Ramen RM9.00, consist of deep fried chicken meat, egg, fries, vegetable and ramen. The whole plate is very presentable and what caught my attention is the deep fried chicken, which is extremely flavorful with crunchy skin and juicy chicken meat, the pan fried ramen also very delicious.
Teppan Crispy Chicken Ramen

Fried Ramen RM5.50 is something special from this restaurant where ramen is their own hand made while the fried ramen is from the owner mum. The sauce taste sauteed and a little bit sticky which goes well with the ramen.
Fried Ramen

Popcorn Chicken RM6 (Small) / RM9 (Big) is as good as the deep fried chicken we had from the sizzling plate crispy chicken ramen.
Popcorn Chicken

Red Bean Soup RM2 is their daily special made dessert, everyday they cook different dessert.
Read Bean Soup

I love their food pretty much especially the fried chicken breast which is so delicious. Price is reasonable as well, the only problem is parking during lunch hour, i would strongly suggest to go after 6pm or weekend.
Xi Meng Ding Restaurant

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79 & 81, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
04 2618317
Monday 10am-3pm
Tues-Fri 10am-3pm & 6pm-9:30pm
Weekend & Public Holiday 10am-9:30pm
N5 25.143 E100 20.448

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