Big Two Uncle Chinese Food Restaurant

Big Two Uncle Chinese Food Restaurant located at ground floor of PDC flat right beside Lim Chong Eu Highway. The restaurant name and menu is pretty scary if you know Chinese, why i said so? Because Big Two Uncle mean ghost, the reason owner use this name is because fortune teller guide and change his fate hence he use this name.
Big Two Uncle Chinese Food Restaurant

Kapitan Spare Ribs RM15, great use of kapitan sauce to cook spare ribs which create a spicy yet delicious spare ribs, the spare ribs itself is soft and succulent.
Curry Pork Ribs

Kapitan Spare Ribs

Cheese and Butter Mantis Prawn RM9, Deep fried mantis prawn is crunchy while the cheese and butter combination is just nice, it has very delicious taste and texture.
Cheese and Butter Mantis Prawn

Jiu Hu Char RM10, one of the popular nyonya dishes which consist of jicama, carrot, mushroom and dried shredded cuttlefish. Served together with fresh vegetable that use to wrap together with sambal provided. Sambal is pretty spicy but it form a great combination with Jiu Hu Char.
Jiu Hu Char

Marmite Chicken, deep fried chicken then cook with Marmite sauce top with sesame. It is one of the best dishes we had here and high recommended. The Marmite sauce is slightly different compare to other as they use good quality of honey to produce the Marmite sauce instead of sugar only.
Marmite Sauce Chicken

Salted Vegetable & Beancurb Soup RM6, pork mince, tomato, mushroom and the most important salted vegetable. The soup taste sour and sauteed which is extremely high appetite, it great taking together with steamed rice.
Salted Vegetable & Beancurb Soup Salted Vegetable & Beancurb Soup

Give it a try, price is extremely reasonable while the food is pretty delicious.
Big Two Uncle Chinese Food Restaurant

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348-G-7, macallum street, 10300 Penang.
012 567 6036
11.30am - 3pm
5pm - 10pm
N5 24.395 E100 19.957

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