Isaac Toast and Coffee in Penang Queensbay Mall

Isaac Toast Queensbay Mall is the first outlet of Isaac Toast and Coffee in Malaysia, most of their ingredients and equipment imported from Korea directly. Do you know that Isaac Toasts has more than 900 outlets where South Korea has the most outlet follow by the rest of the world, Penang are the lucky one to has the very first Isaac Toast in Queensbay Mall.

Some information to share about Isaac Toast background, enjoy your reading.
"The history of Isaac start from 1995 which was a winter season that time, an old Korean woman name Kim Ha Kyeong opened a tiny sandwich stall to make ends meet when her husband was diagnosed with a severe health condition. This tiny stall just locates in front of Chong-Ju University in South Korea but very soon her business run down due to appear a lot of competitors nearby. Therefore, she keep develop her own sauce with a lot of experiment and finally “Isaac Sauce” is develop by Ms. Kim. After having the magical “Isaac Sauce”, she starting to expand her business. A couple of absurd cases happened when Ms. Kim decided to expand and operate in a shop lot. Shop owner rented out the shop to her by putting himself as guarantor. Bank loaned money to her while her bank account was minus because the bank manager witnessed customers willing to wait one hour just for a toast. But after 5 years, Ms. Kim stopped the business; the reason was utterly simple, her husband returned from hospital in good health.
It was a day in summer of 2003, the couple could not put themselves into sleep through the night. In daytime, they met a middle-aged man who was selling milk and groceries on the floor at one of the corner of their living area. He was in a pitiful state because the scotching hot weather had made the lady passed out when they were trying to sell milk and then has been taken to hospital.
“Should we help them? If they start business like we did, they would be able to rise again, wouldn’t they?” Ms. Kim and her husband acted on their thought. The shop lot that rented in front of Daejeon Hannam University which includes the interior, kitchen equipment, all the accessories, etc. which all cost USD70,000, was supplied by Ms. Kim to the middle-aged couple. Therefore, July of 2003, the first Isaac Toast shop was then born, running business by a middleaged couple but fully support by Ms. Kim and her husband. And this dramatically touching story has fulfilled slogan of ‘the happiness together’ started spreading to all people in need from then on. Now, there are more than 900 of Isaac Toast & Coffee outlets spreading all over South Korea and also worldwide and the outlet figure still continuous growth."

Isaac Toast Queensbay Mall

Strawberry and Kiwi Yogurt Drink, they has improve over months as previously i find it too sweet but now they has reduce the sweetness level which is just right for our taste buds and it is so refreshing.
strawberry & kiwi yogurt

Hot Chocolate RM7.50(Left) and Mocha RM8.50 (right), The coffee art or better known as Latte art which created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso resulting in a nice pattern and design on the surface.
Hot Chocolate Cappuccino

Cappucino RM7.50(Left) is another awesome creation, instead of 2D art now they able to produce 3D art which is surprisingly eye catching. I bet you hardly find it anywhere in Penang. By the way, did i mention that coffee bean are imported from Korea as well? Yes, it is. Which mean what you taste here is exactly the same as what you taste in Korea, so why bother flying far.
Right - Latte RM8.50(Right), such a cute little bear.

*Note that 3D art is upon request only, it very depend whether the expert around or not if not then you have to come again and try your luck next time. Cheers!
Cappucinno Latte and MVP Toast

Green Tea Latte RM7.50 and Hot Chocolate RM7.50 with MVP Toast RM9.90. What a relax day for us, enjoy the delicious meal with a hot coffee. We highly recommended to order their coffee as it help to balanced out the sweetness of Isaac sauce, when both come together then you can really enjoy a great piece of toast.
Green Tea Latte and Hot Chocolate

MVP Toast (Chicken/ Beef) RM9.90, this is my favorite as it has the best flavor and texture. It consist of cheese slice, fresh vegetable, patty and egg with Isaac sauce, it is simple but extremely delicious. The cheese and patty gave a sauteed taste combine with Isaac sauce is definitely a great balanced.

Latte and MVP Toast

Caramel Machiatto RM8.50 and Hashbrown Toast RM7.50, another creativity by Isaac Toast where a huge pieces of hashbrown was use as "patty", I do believe this will get lot of vegetarian heart.
Caramel Latte

Pizza Toast RM7.90 is something unique where two pieces of toast sandwich ingredients such as mushroom, egg and pepperoni with tomato puree and Isaac sauce.
Pizza Toast

Salami Bagel RM8.90, is something new here. Bagel is something different from normal toast where bagel is first boiled in water for a short time and baked. This create a dense, chewy and much filling bagel. It wrapped with Cheese, Ham and Egg with Isaac Sauce.
Salami Bagel

Supreme Bagel (Chicken/Turkey/Beef) RM9.90 is another choice of different ingredient with Bagel.
 Supreme Bagel

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3 Star Rating

Isaac Toast & Coffee
LGF-102, Queensbay Mall, Penang.
Opens daily 0945 – 2200
N5 20.058 E100 18.394

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