Million Loh Mee at Pulau Tikus

Million Loh Mee open up another branch in Pulau Tikus after Farlim Branch and Jalam Slim. Previous we blog about Farlim Million Loh Mee and now we return again to enjoy Loh Mee again. We have a short conversation with shop owner and here is the story, Million Loh Mee started from Jacky Goh and Annie Ang where both of them has the passion on food and they made delicious Loh Mee gravy then started their business at Perak Road Food Court, soon after gaining popularity they open up a new shop at Farlim and now another branch in Pulau Tikus.

Loh Mee with Chicken Leg RM5.50, Loh Mee with Egg RM5. There is various combination to cater the need of customer palate, you can select different ingredient with different noodle as well. The gravy is thick and flavorful, the spice flavor is just right and not too strong while the ingredient given is fresh and tasty.
Loh Mee

Loh Mee

Loh Mee with Fritter RM7.90, with additional money you can choose to have seafood fritter which consists of fish meat, prawn and squid.
Loh Mee with Fritter

Lobak RM5.90, balanced use of different part of pork meat create well balanced texture with right amount of spice making it taste delicious.

Prawn Fritter RM4.50, fresh prawn roll with bean curb skin then deep fried to golden color, crispy yet delicious.
Prawn Fritter

Prawn Fritter

Fresh Vegetable

Braised Vinegar Pork RM9.90, pork meat braised with vinegar for long period to create the sweet and sour taste pork meat. The sourness and sweetness of vinegar making it goes well with steamed rice.
Braised Vinegar Pork

Curry Chicken with Fried Bun RM8.90, Chicken is soft and juicy while the curry is rich in flavor, dipping the fried bun into curry sauce making it so flavorful.
Curry Chicken

Million Loh Mee
Million Loh Mee

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No.12 Lintang Burmah 10250 Penang
8.00am - 5.00 pm, Closed on Saturday
N5 25.954 E100 18.698

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