Foodpanda Online Food Delivery

Hey "lazian", busy with your work and can't leave your office for a hour of lunch? that is my working life as well, usually busy and never got a chance to eat outside. While facebook~ing i found out this Foodpanda food delivery website share by my friend, immediately i ping my friend and ask how to ordered. Well, it only took me a minute to understand the whole process and a short while later i successfully place my ordered. I got my food deliver pretty fast and i am impressed with their service, with that said. i have to share the good thing with my beloved reader.


What attracted me is the partnership with many well known restaurant , as you can see from the list, most of the merchant are pretty famous and our everyday restaurant. Some of them are for KL specifically but there are pretty good choices for Penang as well. Some area in Penang still does't has coverage but i do believe they are working to improve their coverage and forming more partnership with more merchant.

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Ok, i know you are hungry and want to know how to ordered.

Here is the Foodpanda website. First of all, create a new account by "Register" on the top right hand corner and complete the registration form. It so simple and straight forward. Log in, Enter your city and location then Find Food Now. Checkout and wait for the food delivery. Pretty simple right? Yeah, just a few click and you can get your favorite food deliver to your door step.


Did i mention that you can actually download an APP and ordered through your phone? Yes, Foodpanda do have Android and IOS version of APP to keep your life easy, just download the APP and ordered your food anytime, anywhere. My Muslim friends is so impress by the "halal" logo for each restaurant, he told me he can eat with peace of mind.


Did i miss something? Yes, i am too hungry and forgot to take my food photo. Sorry ya! Just to share that i ordered the Sakae Sushi Couple Set(Check their menu), it taste as good as i eat in the restaurant, pretty fast delivery and by the time food served to my door step it still fresh and most important in good shape, they handle with care and deliver with speed. Overall i am satisfied with their service and paying the extra few bucks of delivery fees definitely worth it, by the way some of the item has free delivery, look for the main page "Deals of the Week". Check out Foodpanda now.