Heaven Gate New Menu Launching

We are back to Heaven Gate again and this time we going to try their new menu. Even though this is our N times coming but we still feel warm and really like to dine in this restaurant, nice decoration and ambient.
Heaven Gate King Street Heaven Gate King Street Heaven Gate King Street

Classic Onion Clear Soup (Left) & Cream of Pumpkin Soup (Right), Onion Soup rich in flavor with whole lot of onion in it, it has pretty solid onion taste but it doesn't taste spicy or irritate smell instead it very smooth while the Pumpkin Soup has pretty strong paprika flavor, it has very mild taste of roti canai dhal and taste pretty sweet.
Classic Onion Clear Soup cream of pumpkin soup

Crispy Baked Seabass served with Cream of Almond Sauce, pan fried fresh Seabass with salt top with almond sauce that is very fresh and delicious especially the crispy skin with juicy meat.
Crispy Baked Seabass served with Cream of Almond Sauce

King Prawn Grilled Chicken, huge king prawn wrapped with chicken meat then grilled to perfection served with mash potato and cucumber. A very special combination of seafood with meat where both has it own unique taste while merging together create a very special flavor and texture.
King Prawn Grilled Chicken

King Prawn Grilled Chicken

Lamb Shank, we did eat Lamb Shank during our previous visit but they have improve it again to make it even better, they created the Lamb Shank by braising it for at least 4 hours in vegetable and beef stock with assorted herbs to make it extremely tender soft and flavorful. Mandarin orange made sauce made it taste sour and sweet.
Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank

Miso Cod Fish with Butter Tomato Sauce, perfectly marinated Cod Fish with Sake, Miso Paste and Mirin created soft and flavorful of fish meat, it remain the oily part of Cod Fish perfectly and remain the natural sweetness in it together with strong garlic taste sauce.
Miso Cod Fish with Butter Tomato Sauce

Laksa Pesto is something local, by name we know it go after the Penang signature Laksa taste but how they make it without soup? Well, it indeed pretty special flavor which has very strong ginger flower taste and coconut milk in it.
Laksa Pesto

While on dessert we have Orange Crepe, Cheesecake and Panna Cota.
Orange Crepes Served With Vanilla Ice Cream, perfectly make crepe top with orange sauce and balanced with vanilla ice cream.
Orange crepes served with vanilla ice cream

Panna Cota, very smooth milk pudding top with strawberry sauce.
Panna Cota

Signature Marble Cheesecake
Signature Marble Cheesecake.

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1A Lebuh King, George Town, Penang 10200, Malaysia
Contact: +6017-4145945 Mr. Choo (Manager)
N5 25 193 E100 20.471

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