Taiwan Bull Queensbay Mall

Taiwan Bull is now relocated to Queenbay Mall Queenstreet where whole a new food corner open up with huge variety of famous restaurants. The restaurant which previously located at Basement is now moving to here and a new series of dishes introduce to the new menu.
Taiwan Bull Queensbay Mall

Braised Pork Rice RM12.90, a Taiwan symbolic dish that did not disappoint us, the braised pork is flavorful and juicy. Did you notice that the braised pork almost as much as the white rice? Yes, because they use 150g of white rice accompany with 100g of braised pork to ensure every mouthful of rice has the right balance of flavor.
Braised Pork Rice

Braised Pork Rice

Shao Zhi Noodle RM13.90, a simple dish with slice cucumber, carrot and pork mince with noodle. It taste better when salted vege was added into it.
Shao Zhi Noodle

Shao Zhi Noodle

Taiwanese Beef Noodle RM16.90, assorted part of beef such as tendon, meat and brisket was added into it, well cook beef soup with great amount of beef and springy noodle is just awesome.
Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Stuffed Rice Chicked Wing (2 pieces) RM11.90, we ate the similar dish in Taiwan before and now I got the chance to eat it here again. Glutinous rice use to fill the chicken wing then deep fried to perfection and top with sweet sauce.
Stuffed Rice Chicked Wing

Stuffed Rice Chicked Wing

Braised Duck Wing (3 pieces) RM10.50
Braised Chicken Wing (2 pieces) RM6.90
Braised Pork Leg (3 pieces) RM12.90
Braised Duck Gizzards (2 pieces) RM6.00
Braised Chicken Gizzards (2 pieces) RM5.00
Braised Ah Gei (Tafu) - (1 piece) RM2.00
Braised Pork Belly (2 pieces) RM6.90

I am impress with the braised dishes which is extremely flavorful, it must be braised for long period of time to fully absorb the gravy essence. My favorite definitely the Chicken Gizzards and Pork Leg which is so delicious. Braised Pork Leg is so tender soft and easily melt in my mouth.

Braised Pork Belly Braised Chicken Gizzards and Braised Duck Gizzards

Braised Pork Belly Braised Ah Gei (Tafu)

Braised Duck Wing

Pork Filling Biscuit (1 piece) RM3.50, pork meat cook with vegetable fill biscuit with sesame, we found it slightly dry probably due to long photo shooting, highly recommended to eat while it still hot.
Pork Filling Biscuit

Pork Filling Biscuit

Gan Mei Sweet Potato with Plum powder RM5.90, perfectly deep fried sweet potato top with import plum powder that taste sweet and slight sour.
Gan Mei Sweet Potato with Plum Powder

Bluebarry Thick Toast RM4.90, Toast is crispy outside while soft inside, the blueberry sauce on top help to enhance it flavor.
Bluebarry Thick Toast

Sesame Oil Chicken Drumstick Vermicelli RM15.90, our table fill with strong sesame oil fragrance immediately after the lid open up, chicken meat is extremely soft while the soup goes well with steamed rice.
Sesame Oil Chicken Drumstick Vermicelli

Hot & Spicy Pot - Pork RM17.90, this small pot is just right for one person, we found the pot fill with generous amount of ingredient with not so spicy soup, it will be good if it taste slightly more spicy.
Hot & Spicy Pot - Pork

Hot & Spicy Pot - Pork

Cheese Burst Crispy Chicken & Ham RM9.90, do you like chicken cordon bleu? If yes then definitely you will love this dish, cheese wrap with chicken meat then deep fried to golden color. Immediately after you slice it, cheese melt out and there is a lot of cheese.
Cheese Burst Crispy Chicken & Ham

Cheese Burst Crispy Chicken & Ham

Dan Zai Noodle RM12.90, the soup taste pretty close to Lam Mee which soup taste fresh and clear.
Dan Zai Noodle

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No 3F-08, Queens Market, 100, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
04-644 0090
11:00am - 10:00pm
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