Boo Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice Jalan Air Itam Penang

*Shop has moved to Jalan Perak Opposite Wet Market

Boo Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice (巫记芽菜鸡) is located at Jalan Air Itam opposite petrol station. Parking around this area is really limited as next to it is the famous Bah Kut Teh. According to rumors the shop owner who previously selling chicken rice as hawker at Jalan Dua coffe shop. Anyway, we not really care who is the boss as long as the food is good.
Boo Kee Beansprouts Chicken Rice

The restaurant is easily spotted as it has very big signboard and see through glass at the main entrance.
Boo Kee Beansprouts Chicken Rice

Only a few table fit in the restaurant and during our visit it is extremely hot as only two small air-con install in the restaurant, hope they can improve air circulation or install more air-con.
Boo Kee Beansprouts Chicken Rice

Two different type of chili paste provided where the green one taste better.
Chili Paste

Bean sprout chicken aka steamed chicken is very famous in Ipoh, we try Onn Kee Chicken Rice Shop before and it just normal. This shop is thousand time better than that, trust me. The chicken is much more smooth and the soy sauce taste much better.
Whole Chicken RM28
Half Chicken RM15
Chicken Drumstick/Tight RM3.50
Chicken Breast RM3
Boo Kee Steamed Chicken

Boo Kee Steamed Chicken

Beansprout RM2 Small, RM5 Big. RM2 for this portion is pretty generous, it top with garlic oil and great flavor soy sauce making it fresh and delicious.

Garlic Chicken Feet RM3 Small, RM6 Big. The chicken feet is perfectly cook to very soft and the soup taste sour with mild spiciness.
Garlic Chicken Feet

We try both rice and koay teow which cost RM1 each, but we love rice more compare to dry koay teow.
Dry KoayTeow

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Boo Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken (巫记芽菜鸡)
554-L, Jalan Air Itam, 11400 Air Itam, Pulau Pinang
N5 24.293 E100 17.441

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