Brown Pocket Dessert Cafe Gurney Paragon Penang

Brown Pocket is another new dessert cafe located in Gurney Paragon specialized in waffle and pancakes, the restaurant is extremely comfortable and spaces. Simple yet elegance decoration with comfort seat surrounding the restaurant, awesome view from the restaurant as well.
Brown Pocket Dessert Shop Gurney Paragon

Open kitchen for dessert preparation which is clean and nice.
Brown Pocket Dessert Shop Gurney Paragon

Great use of stair to create unique bookshelves.
Brown Pocket Dessert Shop Gurney Paragon

Affogato RM8.90, Vanilla ice cream topped with coffee. Extremely strong coffee without sugar making it taste bitter but taking with vanilla ice cream balance up the taste and overall very smooth.

Cappuccino RM9.90

Left - Chai Latte RM10.90, mixture of Indian spices and herbs with black tea. It is one of the unique flavor that i never try before, it has extremely strong Indian spices flavor which overpower any tea flavor, i would say it taste special, like it or not which come to personal taste.
Right - Mango Yogurt Parfait RM11.90, homemade yogurt layered with fresh mango and granola. I like their yogurt pretty much and the sour mango make the sour yogurt taste even strong, just the granola is a little but chewy.
Chai Latte and Mango Yogurt Parfait

Strawberry Smoothies RM13.90, very refreshing and it not too sweet so finishing a whole cup is not a problem for me.
Strawberry Smoothies

Oreo Ice Blended RM13.90, pretty normal Ice Blended with Oreo.
Oreo Ice Blended

Summer Matcha RM15.90, shaved ice with ice cream, azuki beans, kiwi, grape and matcha sauce. We found the shaved ice pretty big size but personally i like the big shave ice texture as it not melt that fast and it has some biting texture which goes well with the azuki beans and fruits. While the Matcha sauce doesn't taste that strong which gave a pretty balance taste.
Summer Matcha

Summer Matcha

The Light Body Waffle RM14.90, pocket signature waffle served with ice cream and homemade tiramisu. The waffle slightly soft instead of crispy texture which a little disappointed but the tiramisu has pretty solid mascarpone cheese with mild coffee flavor.
The Light Body Waffle

Mixed Berries Pan Cakes RM13.90, served withb berries compote and ice cream. Love the pan cakes so much that is fluffy and taste just awesome with the sour berries and sweet ice cream.
Mixed Berries Pan Cakes

Mixed Berries Pan Cakes

Grilled Banana Pancakes RM13.90, served with grilled banana, walnut and ice cream.Overall grilled banana goes very well with the pancakes and the banana is perfectly made with the right amount of sweetness.
Grilled Banana Pancakes

Very special cup.
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Brown Pocket
Level 6 Lot 11, Gurney Paragon Mall, 10250 Penang.
+604 2189668
N5 26.190 E100 18.701

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