Chocolate Passion Dessert Shop Gurney Paragon Penang

Chocolate Passion Gurney Paragon is the second outlet of the famous Chocolate dessert shop in Penang. First outlet located at Strait Quay which receive good feedback from customer hence they decided to open up another outlet in Gurney Paragon, very nice environment and location with super awesome gurney beach view. Definitely a place to hang out with friend, either sitting outdoor or indoor both provide the very best experience.
Chocolate Passion

Chocolate Passion

Chocolate Passion

Indoor vs Outdoor, wherever you sit you feel relax and comfortable.
Chocolate Passion Chocolate Passion

Churros RM14.5, with one type of chocolate dip such as Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate. We love this snack very much during our travel to US Disneyland last year and we are so happy to see it here. Churros is a fried dough pastry sprinkle with sugar which best eat with hot chocolate. We selected Hot Chocolate as it taste bitter which goes extremely well with sweet Churros. If you prefer white chocolate then try it, it might taste a little bit sweet but it has the creamy and milky taste that we love as well.

Churros Churros

Smoked Salmon RM16.5, fresh slice smoked salmon, onion and vegetable served with home made croissant. Nice add on to the menu to fill those hungry before enjoy the great dessert. I never expect much on this as i thought they specialty is on Chocolate but i am so wrong. The smoked salmon is so delicious especially the home made croissant that so crispy and every bite is so flavorful.
Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon

Chocolate Pizza Half RM14 and Full RM25. Assorted sweet snack on top of the home made pizza crust, pizza crust is home made with excellent crispiness. We try both Brownie Chocolate Pizza and Passion Signature Pizza which both taste extremely good and the most important thing is the extremely crispy crust which make it goes so well with sweet snack and chocolate.

Brownie Chocolate Pizza, small chunks of brownie, almond, crumbled biscuits and chocolate chip on the crispy pizza.
Brownie Chocolate Pizza

Passions Signature Pizza, a combination of marshmallow, banana, peanut and chocolate chip on top of the crispy pizza crust.
Passions Signature Pizza

Coco-Misu RM13.5, tiramisu lady fingers dipped in chocolate topped with Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso. Coco-Misu name derive Tiramisu and Chocolate, the add on ice cream gave a boost of sweetness and enhancement of flavor to the dessert which is nice.

Coco-Misu Coco-Misu

Chocolate Bomb RM18.5, pretty much like a chocolate fondue ingredients such as Kiwi, Strawberry and Crumble Biscuits serving with a cup of hot chocolate. Pouring in the hot chocolate sauce on top of the bomb making it melt to reveal the ice cream inside. Combination of butter taste from chocolate, sweet taste from ice cream and sour taste from fresh kiwi and strawberry is just perfect.
Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Bomb   Chocolate Bomb   Chocolate Bomb   Chocolate Bomb

Assorted Hand Made Chocolate RM3.70 - RM3.90 per 10g, all chocolate hand made by the owner and every single chocolate required 3 days to complete. From the picture you can see how lovely and passion the owner is to her chocolate. So far they have over 50+ different type of chocolate on shelves and each type of chocolate has it very own unique flavor. We sample a few of them and we truly in love with it. This is what we have in the place,
Strawberry, Durian Truffle, Rum & Raisins, Cappucino, Extremely Dark Chocolate Truffle, Milk Chocolate, Sesame and Gianduja.
Assorted Chocolate

Blissful Brownie RM9.50, signature chocolate brownie served with a scoop of ice cream on top. The brownie has the right amount of sweetness while the present of ice cream making it taste even better.
Blissful Brownie

Chocolate Fondue RM49.50, or we called it chocolate steamboat? Either way, it is a big plate of dessert with marshmallow, pretzel, ice cream, strawberry, banana, kiwi and a big bowl of heated chocolate. The portion is big enough for 3 - 4 person sharing and the greatness of chocolate making the dipping experience fantastic.
Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

Smokie Hot Chocolate RM16.50, with special made chocolate spoon. Yes, the spoon is edible and when it melt into the hot chocolate it make it taste even better.
Hot Drinks Hot Drinks Hot Drinks

Cappucino RM9.50 and Caffe Latte RM9.50
Hot Drinks Hot Drinks

Avocado Chocolate Ice Blended RM13.50 and Chocolate Rum & Raisins Smoothies RM13.50.
Hot Drinks Hot Drinks

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Gurney Paragon Mall,Jalan Kelawai 10250 Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang.
10am - 10:30pm
N5 26.144 E100 18.667

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