Hard Rock Hotel Starz Diner Asian And International Cuisine Penang Tanjung Bungah

Hard Rock Hotel Starz Diner serving Asian and International cuisine at the ground floor of the Hotels, normally this area use to served buffet but they do serve a la carte menu as well and today we going to review their a la carte menu.
Hard Rock Hotel

Fresh Fruit Juice
Fresh Fruit Juice

Salmon "Pegaga" RM20, Pan fried salmon, mashed pumpkin, pegag pesto with pomegranate salsa. Just love the food presentation which greatly shown respect to fresh ingredients. Salmon is perfectly cook to maintain juiciness while the mashed pumpkin is just delicious although both doesn't seem to go together that well but eating it separately pretty nice.
Salmon "Pegaga"

Rice Paper Rolls RM18, Freshly rolled with pickled vegetables, mint leaves, coriander and marinated glass noodles with garlic chili plum dip. Very refreshing and healthy food to consume, the rice paper is very thin and soft while the fresh vegetable is very crunchy, dipping with the sweet and sour sauce making it taste good.
Rice Paper Rolls

Mediterrannean Cheese Burger RM38, Grilled 10 Oz beef or chicken patty with Mediterranean cheese, caramelized onions, smoked BBQ sauce, mixed salad and potato wedges. In love with the beef patty so much, it is so thick and juicy, great flavor and the addition caramelized onions making it taste awesome.
Mediterrannean Cheese Burger

Fish Wraps RM30, Deep fried fish fillet wrapped in tortilla skin, filled with romaine lettuce, chili, tomatoes, mushroooms, onions, cheese and honey mustard coriander spread. Fish fillet perfectly deep fried to golden color, wrapping with fresh vegetable making it taste good, dipping with the special made sauce is even better.
Fish Wraps

Chicken "Briyani" RM26, Slow braised spiced chicken "Briyani", "Briyani" rice, cashew nuts, raisins, Indian crackers and vegetables daal. Normally you can only find good "Briyani" rice at selected stall but now you can get the great taste of Briyani at Hark Rock Hotel as well, the rice is perfectly cook with assorted herbs, although it a little bit hard for me but eating with curry is just fine, chicken curry is thick and flavorful as well.
Chicken "Briyani"

Chicken "Briyani" Chicken "Briyani"

Chicken "Briyani" Chicken "Briyani"

Mince Pies, Lamb Filling RM28, Chicken Filling RM24, Vegetable Filling RM20. Big crunchy pie wrapped with lamb, chicken or vegetable filling top with huge portion of mash potato. Portion is huge and great for sharing, a big spoon of mash potato with mince pie is just great.
Mince Pies

Apple Pies RM20, Filles with apple cinnamon, topped with vanilla ice cream and mixed berry compote. Unfortunately we found this dessert to be too sweet and it just mask out all other flavor.
Apple Pies

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Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100 Penang, Malaysia
+60 4-881 1711
N5 28.060 E100 14.498
Operation Hour:

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