Ipoh 302 Pastries 江永香饼

It been quite a while since our last visit to Ipoh, there is some places I miss so much such as Foh San Dim Sum富山茶楼, Rasa Lain Seafood Restaurant, JJ Cakes & Swiss Rolls...etc. Today i going to share something different and it definitely more than normal, more than what tourist know and it is such a great place for biscuit. 302 Biscuit House, located at Gunung Rapat where the origin of various traditional biscuit was created. The shop has been operating for so many years and now handle by their kids already, well maintenance of the original flavor and method of processing the biscuit. On the same street itself you will find a couple of biscuit shop, in order to get the right shop make sure you spot the "302 江永香饼" which most of the shop use number to identify them self.

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We are lucky to visit their production where we got the opportunity to witness how the biscuit was created from flour. It is definitely a special experience for us after so many years of blogging.

Here is how the pastries was made. What they so call old flour or fermented flour are kept for certain duration before they are mixed with new flour to create a unique dough which was then cut into small size.
making of heong peng

The biscuit was perfectly craft into shape with filling.

Which was then flatten and top with sesame,  ready to be put into oven.

While the making of Tau Sar Pneah (豆沙饼) slightly different, there is two type of dough mix together to create the crispiness.
ipohsd82kl (128)

It will be roll over and over again for the two different dough to mix together.
ipohsd82kl (129)

This is how the dough look like after mixed and the other picture shown are the filling.
ipohsd82kl (133) ipohsd82kl (134)

It was then wrapped into small round size and ready to be cook.

Here is the final product, we are glad to taste it immediately after it coming out from oven which is extremely crispy and delicious.

豆沙饼 RM3.50/10pcs which has very soft and crispy skin which filling is not too sweet and it has a hint of saltiness.
ipohsd82kl (148)

豆蓉饼 RM4/10pcs whereas 豆蓉饼 taste a little bit sweet but it has the crispiness as the 豆沙饼.
ipohsd82kl (149)

香饼 RM6.50 per pack which is much more crispy compare to the above two pastries, i expect the filling to be very sweet but i was wrong, the filling is just right on the sweetness level and the filling evenly distribute for every bite.
ipohsd82kl (144)

Here is the shop.

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302,Jalan Gunung Rapat,Gunung Rapat 31350, Ipoh,Perak.
8am - 630pm

N4 34.345 E101 06.977

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