KOBQ Korean Restaurant at Precint 10 Penang Tanjung Tokong

KOBQ Restaurant is a newly open Korean Restaurant located at Precint 10, this is the 3rd Korean restaurant after Gangnam Style and Daore within Tanjung Tokong area. If not mistaken KOBQ restaurant previous is Chef Weng which already closed down.

There is lot of parking space available during dinner time, try to avoid late Friday and Saturday night as there is a few club which always crowded.
KOBQ Korean Restaurant

Restaurant nicely decorate with high ceiling and comfortable. At first service is pretty good when only one or two cable but they get mess up when there is more customer but still acceptable.
KOBQ Korean Restaurant

KOBQ Korean Restaurant

Side dishes are refillable and almost all Korean restaurant has different side dishes except Kimchi for sure. Overall taste good and some are exceptional good.
Side Dishes

Kimchi Jeon Gol RM60, a combination of ham, sausage, cheese, spring onions, carrot, red bean, onion, needle mushroom…etc cook in sour and spicy soup. We did try the same dish before at Zi Zai Restaurant which we found taste better than this. The soup is a little bit watery and lack of cheese flavor.
Kimchi Jeon Gol

Kimchi Jeon Gol

Kimchi Jeon Gol

Dak-Gal-Bi RM65, Marinated Chicken is Korean spicy sauce with assorted ingredients such as spring onions, onion, potato, korean rice cake, cabbage and needle mushroom. It is raw when served and it required 10-15minute to cook.

After waiting for a while and our Dak-Galbi almost ready, it look to be spicy but instead it just a little bit spicy but more on sweet taste. Chicken is extremely soft and succulent eating with crunchy vegetable is just delicious.

We ordered a plate of Korean rice (RM5 each, expensive) to mix with the Dak-Galbi, just put rice into the bowl and let it cook for a while, it does’t taste as good as we expected as the gravy left is too little.

Grilled Fish is just delicious.
Grilled Fish

Korean Fish Cake Soup which shown in menu RM65 for 3 stick of Korean Fish Cake which is extremely expensive, luckily we bought the online voucher which included else we will never order this dish. It doesn’t has very solid flavor and the soup is pretty plain as well.
Korean Fish Cake Soup

Korean Fish Cake Soup

Bibimbap RM20, assorted vegetable with egg cook with rice in hot stone. The ultimate taste for bibimbap is the sweet and spicy sauce which is somehow taste just normal here and the egg is way overcook to blend well with the rice and vegetable.

Ops…who left his iPhone?

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KO.B.Q Korean Restaurant
10-c-18 & 10-c-19, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, 10470 Penang
04-890 2650
N5 26.934 E100 18.349

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6 thoughts on “KOBQ Korean Restaurant at Precint 10 Penang Tanjung Tokong

  1. Actually their dishes a bit overpriced especially the fish cake soup ! Just four sticks of fish cake and they charge for RM65, too over ! Luckily I also bought voucher for my visit. The original is too scary. Hoho !

  2. We are Singaporean retirees living here for a decade. For nearly 120 Ringgit(40 SIn) we ordered one portion of pork, two saury fillet , a rice , a pancake and a soup . However, the soup had noodles in it and my wife with gluten allergy , could not finish it . She blamed herself for not asking for an English translation of that dish which was in KOREAN .
    When payment came the owner and his son demanded we pay more for unfinished noodles. They shouted and aggressively reprimanded us for “over ordering” and the son came to the table to count the food “orgy” which we purportedly had.. We are reporting this incident to Penang CASE as a issue of bullying and humiliation and harrassement. Stay away from KO’s Ala Carte Buffet. There was an atmosphere of aggressive watching, undercurrent resentment and plain bad manners. If you must eat here , pay for Ala carte , and avoid buffet. .

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