Lovecipies Vintage Cafe Vegetarian Restaurant Jalan Rangoon Penang Georgetown

Lovecipies Vintage Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant located at Jalan Rangoon, visit during lunch time or working hour might have some problem looking for parking space but off working hour there is plenty of parking space available.
Lovecipies Vintage Cafe

The restaurant is very comfortable with whole lot of recycle material which make me feel like going back to 80'. It is air-conditional with great table arrangement, it not only a place for a fast meal instead it is a place to hang out with friend with a cup of drinks as well.
Lovecipies Vintage Cafe

Lovecipies Vintage Cafe

Lovecipies Vintage Cafe

Lovecipies Vintage Cafe

Lovecipies Vintage Cafe

Lovecipies Vintage Cafe

东炎+熟饭 Tomyam with Rice RM8.90, assorted vegetable such as small corn, tomato, cabbage with tofu cooking in Tom Yam Soup. Tom Yam soup is mild on flavor which is not that spicy or sour, it would be best if it taste more spicy and sour as eating this with rice will definitely need stronger flavor.
Tomyam with Rice

招牌沙煲活力餐 Revitalize Energy Meal RM12.90 is a combination of tofu, bean curd, vegetable ball and mushroom cook in herbal soup which taste exactly like Bah Kut Teh.
Revitalize Energy Meal

阿参咖喱餐 Assam Curry Meal RM10.90, curry cook with egg plant, tomato, lady finger, mushroom with fish like fritter taste really good, it taste spicy and sour which exactly the same flavor as my mum cook curry fish. It served with healthy rice as well.
Assam Curry Meal

Assam Curry Meal

蒙古豆腐 Mongolia Style Tofu RM12.90, deep fried tofu top with sweet sauce which is very flavorful.
Mongolia Style Tofu

双味豆包 Beancurd with Chef Special Sauce RM8, perfectly deep fried bean curb to golden color top with chef special sauce and mayonnaise which taste sweet with a hint of spiciness.
Beancurd with Chef Special Sauce

香卤卷 Lor Rolls RM8, great use of assorted vegetable making it taste like meat, great taste as well.
Lor Rolls

宫保猴头菇餐 Kong Bao Lion's Mane Mushroom Meal RM10.90, this dish is pretty special as i never eat this type of mushroom before, the mushroom has a texture like meat, cooking in Kong Bao really bring up it flavor.
Lion's Mane Mushroom

番茄酱意大利面 Spaghetti Napolitana RM12.90, tomato paste spaghetti is well cook but the overall lack of some texture as it doesn't has something to bite. It just miss something for us, maybe add on some black fungus will do the trick.
Spaghetti Napolitana

Assorted fresh drink served
Homemade Ginger Teh Tarik RM4.90(hot)/RM5.90(cold)
Fresh Strawberry Soda RM6.90
Adam Siok RM7.90
ABC (Apple, Beetroot, Cucumber) RM8.90
Detox 排毒(Apple, Carrot, Cucumber) RM.90
Soul Circulation 心灵榨(apple, carrot, lemon, ginger) RM10.90
lovecipej2 (20)

Oreo Smoothies RM7.90
Oreo Smoothies

Overall it is a pleasant dinner we had in Lovecipies Vintage Cafe.
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42 Jalan Rangoon, Georgetown, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.
014-306 9942
11:30 am – 10:00 pm (Monday Off)
N5 25.137 E100 19.508

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