Ong Cheng Huat Seafood Restaurant Bagan Lallang Butterworth

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood Restaurant must be familiar for everyone since it is so famous and we indeed blog before. The restaurant is now expanded and become cleaner compare to our first visit. Food served still the same which only limited to a few dishes but best thing is they maintain the great flavor but slightly more expensive now.
Ong Cheng Huat

Stir Fried Mussels, this is a must order for us which taste even better than their signature steamed fish. Only one reason to order this dish, FRESH. It is extremely fresh and free of mug flavor or sand in it, the gravy full of natural sweetness and a hint of sourness making it a perfect dish.
Steamed Shell

Steamed Fish, they always has source for big and fresh fish where you can either ordered fish head or fish tail which both taste as good but for me i will definitely ordered fish head. The soup is so delicious that i wish they served rice, it must be very good to eat with rice.
Steamed Fish

Boiled Octopus, first time ordered this dish and pretty disappointing as it overcook. The octopus has become hard and chewy.
Boiled Octopus

Fried Bee Hun is just normal.
Fried Bee Hun

Deep Fried Marinated Spring Chicken is another must eat dish here. The chicken is perfectly marinated and deep fried to perfection. It remain juiciness and the meat is so succulent.
Marinated Chicken

Fried Popiah Skin with Prawn, very crispy skin with small prawn in it. I did not expect the two layer of popiah so be so flavorful and it taste even better with Chili paste.
Prawn Cracker

The restaurant is getting bigger and during our visit there is an area under renovation, not sure that is belong to them or not but definitely they are expanding and getting more business.
Ong Cheng Huat

Ong Cheng Huat

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2004, Bagan Lallang, 13400 Butterworth
11.00am-5:30pm (Close on Monday)
04-331 4782 / 012-453 5188
N5 26.596 E100 23.757

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