Today we going to share with you a very comfortable and cozy place for a cup of tea with some great Taiwanese Food. The shop is located opposite Kwang Wah Newspaper, name Pavilion Cafe. The Cafe not only serving some great food instead it do have 2nd floor and 3rd floor hostel for rent at reasonable price.

Rose Latte Ice RM9.90, signature drink with some great rose syrup fill with latte. When drink it has a hint of Rose flavor which goes well with Latte.
Rose Latte Ice

Caramel Macchiato Ice RM9.90
pavillioncafeci2 (23)

Blue Purple Dream, Either hot or cold, both are their signature drink. What make it so special? Look at the photo below and you will figure out that it color change when lemon added. It is a very refreshing drink with so many herb in it.

Blue Purple Dream Ice RM8.90
Blue Purple Dream Ice

Blue Purple Dream Ice

Blue Purple Dream Ice

Blue Purple Dream Hot served in Tea Pot RM10.90
Blue Purple Dream Hot served in Tea Pot

Classic Fruit Tea Ice RM8.90
Classic Fruit Tea Ice

Chinese Steam Bun with Fried Char Sau RM10.90
Chinese Steam Bun with Fried Char Sau

Yellow Duck RM10.90, more toward a curry rice if you will to ask me what it taste. It indeed a nicely craft yellow duck flooded with curry and assorted vegetable.
Yellow Duck

Yellow Duck

Sakura Fried Rice RM9.90
Sakura Fried Ric

Kung Poh Century Egg RM10.90, deep frid century egg cook with Kung Poh sauce. This dish is rather creative as i never though of deep fried century. It taste well balanced and i believe those who not dare to eat century egg can easily eat this.
Kung Poh Century Egg

Taiwan Pancake served with Apple Vinegar RM8.90, pretty much like fried egg but what make it special is definetely the apple vinegar dipping sauce. The sauce taste sour and sweet which goes well with the pancake.
Taiwan Pancake served with Apple Vinegar

Classic Fried Spaghetti with Ham RM10.90, Spaghetti is rather simple and plain but with the present of ham that help to boost it flavor. Not bad.
Classic Fried Spaghetti with Ham

Jackfruit Crispy Chicken RM10.90
Jackfruit Crispy Chicken

Interior decoration, by the way they do provide hostel service for pretty reasonable price.
Pavilion Coffee Pavilion Coffee

Pavilion Coffee

Pavilion Coffee

Pavilion Coffee

We also received randomly a gift of either a “Movie Ticket for 2” or a “Ninetology Powerbank”, sponsored by Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd. There were also a few models of mobiles for us to try out during the food review such as the Ninetology U9R1, U9X1, U9Z1, U9Z1+ and Ninetology Stealth 4X.
Ninetology Smart Phone

U9 R1:
U9 X1:
U9 Z1:
U9 Z1+:
Stealth 4X:

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26, Lebuh Presgrave, 10300 Penang
04-261 9366
11.00am – 6.00pm (Monday); 11.30am – 10.00pm (Tuesday-Sunday)
N5 24.625 E100 19.875

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