Union Street Kareem Pasembur

Kareem Pasembur is located at Union Street which is next to Standard Charter bank, actually i never eat here before or heard anyone talking about this Pasembur. I just walk pass here and saw this hawker, the cucuk udang caught my attention, it piling high like a mountain. The banner show that this hawker established since 1945 which is so long ago and it open from 11am until 7pm. The only problem here is definitely no parking during lunch time and it extremely hot to dine there as well since it not a proper coffee shop instead just a few table on road side, with that said i decided to pack home. By the way, nearby has one great Mee Goreng that should be not miss as well, which is Hameed Mee Sotong.

The basic Pasembur is RM4.50 while adding extra cucuk udang (Prawn Fritters) RM2.50 each, it has potato, cucumber, egg, jicama, squid, tofu and other. You can add on other items such as potato, egg, cucuk udang, fish cake…etc
Union Street Kareem Pasembur

As you can see the portion is big although this pack cost RM7 with extra prawn Fritters but it definitely worth the value. Something worth mention is the prawn Fritters which has so much prawn on top of it and it taste so good. It has the prawn deep fried fragrance and it so crunchy.
Union Street Kareem Pasembur

Talk about the sauce, thumb up. It has the authentic pasembur sweet and mild spicy taste, it as well has some herb fragrance which make me eat non stop.
Union Street Kareem Pasembur

Give it a try if you pass by here, parking is big problem so tapao is highly recommended. You can join our Taste…iest Facebook Fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste…iest, Penang Food Blog.

5 Star Rating

Union Street Kareem Pasembur
Union Street, next to Standard Charter Bank
11pm – 7pm
N5 25.103 E100 20.583

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