Goh Chew Deep Fried Fish Beehoon Mee New Lane Penang

Kedai Kopi Goh Chew located at the famous hawker street New Lane, most of the tourist know this street for signature Hokkien Mee, Char Koay Teow, Chee Cheong Fun...etc but not much tourist or even local know about it morning hidden treasure. Early morning this coffee shop fill with people waiting for the fried beehoon with deep fried fish meat or prawn, it is so delicious that people willing to wait for hour just to get a plate of deep fried fish meat. If you come late you don't even got a chance to try the deep fried prawn. Price is not cheap, if you ordered separate with prawn it can easily cost RM50 for 3 persons.
Deep Fried Prawn

Big chunks of fish meat deep fried to golden color that still juicy inside, fish is so sweet and fresh while the coating powder has slightly salty flavor making it so delicious.
Deep Fried Fish Meat

If you come early and order prawn then they will give you a plate of curry, just a very small plate. It is pretty oily but it has the lemon grass with curry fragrance in it, it is so delicious by dipping your fish meat into it.
Fried Fish Meat with Curry Sauce

My all time favorite deep fried fresh big prawn, prawn is extremely fresh that remain juiciness and it is so delicious. But it is not cheap, i never ask how much for each prawn but everytime i ordered prawn it can easily over RM50 for 3 prawn with fish meat and beehoon.
Deep Fried Prawn

If you realized i did not talk much about the beehoon as it just normal, it not really special and extremely delicious. Try and let me know what you think, personally i think they still have room for improvement.
Fried Fish Meat with Bee Hoon

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Kedai Kopi Goh Chew, Lorong Batu (New Lane) Georgetown, Penang
Beside Sunway Hotel Georgetown
Morning only
N5 24.888 E100 19.563

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