Korean BBQ Daore Tanjung Tokong Penang

Here we are at Daore Korean BBQ again, this restaurant has become our all time favorite and we not going to talk about it service and environment anymore since it always 5/5, great service with great environment.

As usual there is a lot of side dishes provided with most of it very delicious.
Korean Side Dishes

Korean Side Dishes

Nakjee Bokkum RM38, Sliced small octopus with assorted of vegetables, stir fried in spicy chili sauce. It taste sweet and spicy which is very delicious and the squid is very springy.
Nakjee Bokkum

O-Jing-Er-So-Myun RM38, Sliced squid with assortment of vegetables stir fried in spicy chili sauce, served with noodles. It has exactly the same taste as above but slightly more spicy but the extra noodle which has very smooth texture making it very delicious eating with the spicy chili sauce.

Sam-Gye-Tang RM35, A traditional Korean favor boiled chicken with ginsheng, date and garlic. We rather disappointed with this dish as it lack of ginseng flavor and the chicken is extremely dry.

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5 Star Rating

No. 104, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Penang
04891 3616
N5 27.165 E100 18.383

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