Tomyum Noodle at Tomyummy All Season Place Penang

Tomyummy Noodles House 东炎不败 open up it 2nd branch in All Season Place, first outlet located at Jelutong. As the name said, Tomyum is their signature dish while they do offer clear soup as well, did i mention they do have steamboat as well? Yes, you can order steamboat and add on to whatever ingredients you want. The restaurant running on open kitchen style where cleanliness is their top priority and you can smell the Tomyum aroma immediately after your first step into restaurant.
Tomyummy TomYum restaurant

I believe this is the only restaurant offer RM2.50 for a bowl of Tomyum noodle. Why RM2.50 only? Because for Tomyum soup base RM1.50 is charge same with Chicken soup RM1.50, add on Install Noodle RM1 that make the RM2.50 Tomyum noodle. Great? Yes, it indeed pretty reasonable. But for sure people like us will fall in their trap easily buy making over RM10 per bowl. HaHa! We are always too greedy.

If you like the standard Tomyum or Chicken Soup noodle then you may order the preselect ingredients which cost from RM6 to RM9.

There is a lot of side ingredients to choose for such as assorted fish ball, sausage, pork meat, dumpling, bacon and various vegetable as well.
Tomyum Ingredients

Deep fried fish meat is a must for a perfect bowl of Tomyum, it is very delicious after soaking with Tomyum soap.

Deep Fried Fish

Fruit Fizzy RM3.50 each, it have Passion Fruit, Mango, Apple and Orange Fizzy to choose from.
Assorted Drink

Fried Enoki RM5 is something we love so much, they deep fried it with egg so it is very crispy, no additional sauce or powder required.
Deep Fried Golden Needle Mushroom

Tomyum Noodle, the tomyum soup is very thick, it has the right amount of spiciness and sourness, a little bit sweet to our liking but acceptable.
Tomyum noodle

Tomyum noodle

Tomyum noodle

Chicken Soup Udon, the soup is pretty delicious and sweet especially adding in the fried garlic oil which help to boost it fragrance.
Clear Soup Noodle

Clear Soup Noodle

Tomyum Rice, steamed rice top with tomyum soup with whole lot of onion and one whole egg.
Tomyum rice

Tomyum Seafood Congee RM6, the Tomyom congee is something new to us which we never try before, it is pretty special but the congee diluted the tomyum flavor so it not really as strong flavor as we expected.
Tomyum Porridge

The menu.
Tomyummy TomYum restaurant

Tomyummy TomYum restaurant

Tomyummy TomYum restaurant

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9-1-27, Kheng Tian Business Centre, Jalan Van Praagh 11600 Penang, Malaysia
04 - 281 6779
N5 23.788 E100 17.434

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