Withdraw Money Oversea Using Malaysia ATM Card

Today i am doing research of "How to withdraw money oversea using Malaysia ATM Card" and i check on both Public Bank and Maybank since i have both bank ATM and Credit Card. This is what i found out, first you need to check the back of your credit card has either "PLUS" or "Cirrus" logo. If not you may skip below and contact your respective bank for a new card replacement or activate this feature. If you have either "PLUS" or "Cirrus" please read on.



Plus is an interbank network that covers all Visa credit, debit or ATM cards that currently has over million plus ATMs in over 170 countries. It is widely use literally anywhere in the world to provide easy money withdraw.



Cirrus is another interbank network that operated by MasterCard which as well cover credit, debt and ATM cards all around the world that provide easy money withdraw.

Cirrus logo


Fees Incurred 

Since i have Maybank ATM + Visa Debit so i just checked and confirm that RM12 per withdraw oversea using PLUS platform. Which is not bad, imagine you withdraw USD1000 which is just 0.0037% (RM12/RM3200). This rate might be even better than what you get from local currency exchange service. Consider your own safety for carrying load of cash aboard, paying RM12 to withdraw money is pretty acceptable.

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Using Your Card Oversea

First and foremost, give a call to your bank and check whether your ATM has activated oversea withdraw feature as i just call to Maybank and they told me my card is not activated but they can activated it for me through phone call. It is very important to inform your bank on your travel date as sudden change in your account activity especially oversea spending will trigger fraud alert which will cause your bank to freeze your account. Give them a call and tell them that you will be travel and ask for emergency contact for card lost or stolen. Keep this number.

You may withdraw cash from most of the ATM machine oversea by checking for "Plus" or "Cirrus" logo. According to Maybank agent, Maybank debit card may not be function during daily maintenance window of Malaysia time 12am - 1.45am so try to avoid time frame.

Increase your card limit, two type of limit for Debit Card which is Withdraw Limit and Expenses Limit.

Withdraw Limit cap the maximum cash withdraw per day from your account based on local currency, you can increase the limit through any ATM machine locally.

Expense Limit cap the maximum spending on credit card per day based on local currency, you can increase the limit through any ATM machine locally.

Other Reminder

Keep your card safe and enjoy your travel.