Guo Xiang Fu Porridge Steamboat Opposite Penang Time Square

Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat 锅香府特色火锅 located at Jalan Seang Tek opposite Penang Time Square. Parking along the road side during night time shouldn't be any problem or worst case just park at Penang Time Square and walk over. The restaurant always crowded with people so call ahead for booking is highly recommended.
Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat

Internal decoration is simple with a few table only, each table has it own pot or if sharing then they will provide a separate portable gas stove (em...i should call it electric stove).
Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat

Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat

Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat

The home made chili sauce is pretty spicy, we just dip once because the soup itself already rich in flavor and we don't need extra flavor.
Homemade Chili

They offer 4 different type of soup, which is clear soup, tomyam soup, mala soup and curry soup. We tested all 4 soup and the champion goes to tomyam soup follow by clear soup, the mala soup is not spicy enough while the curry soup too rich in flavor which stop us from eating it. According to the owner, soup spiciness or sourness can be request to add on since they don't want to make it too spicy.

There is package for single person, 2 person, 4 person or 10 person. Each of the package has different ingredients and price for sure.
Single Person Package RM18.80 and Two Persons RM37.60 both come with two soup with assorted vegetable, mushroom and instant noodle.
4 Person Package RM88 but you get their signature porridge as based and whole lot of steamboat ingredients, porridge can be top up unlimited as like other soups.
10 Person Package come with their signature porridge and 2 other soup of your choice.

Their signature Steamboat is 海龙王 which is porridge steamboat. It came with prawn, scallop, mushroom and egg. The porridge soup itself already very delicious, it so delicious that we keep eating the porridge and forgot to put in our steamboat ingredients. Adding in egg making it much more smooth and like i said before, no dipping sauce required as the soup itself already flavorful.
Porridge Steamboat

Porridge Steamboat

Porridge Steamboat

Steamboat ingredients that come with the steamboat package and for sure you can add on, over 50+ ingredients to be add on, assorted vegetable, fish ball, meat, tofu, mushroom...etc
Pork Mince Assorted Fish Ball Golden Mushroom

Assorted Fish Ball Tofu Pork Slice

Assorted Fish Ball Prawn Dumpling Fried Bean Curb

Fresh Prawn

Good news! If you wish to celebrate father days at home, please give them a call and they will prepare everything and send it to your house for just RM148 (5 persons) or RM228 (8 persons), everything. Yes, everything. As long as you have a table then you can enjoy a complete steamboat, even without a table you can also enjoy as long as you don't mind sitting on the floor. LOL.

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No 10, Jalan Seang Tek, 10400 Georgetown Penang
5pm - 1am
N5 24.774 E100 19.440

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