Lau Fu Zhi Bah Kut Teh at Paya Terubong Penang

Lau Fu Zhi Bah Kut Teh 老夫子肉骨茶 located Jalan Paya Terubong which is just next to SJK Kong Min, they have another shop that is located at Data Keramat which always crowded and extremely hard to find parking space. In Paya Terubong at least you can park at the road side or right the road there is ample parking space. As usual, the best time to eat Bah Kut Teh is as late as possible, for sure before they closed. The longer it cook the better it taste.

Lau Fu Zhi Bah Kut Teh

Unlike other Bah Kut Teh shop in Penang who use clay pot, here they use just a bowl. Inside the bowl fill with pork intestine, pork ball, meat and fried bean curd sheet. The soup is so flavorful, it has very strong herbal taste and pork sweetness, it doesn't has the thirsty feel even though we refill a few times.

Bah Kut Teh Bah Kut Teh

A must Yap Cha Guai that goes perfectly well with Bah Kut Teh.

Yao Cha Guai

Crunchy vegetable top with meat floss and pork lard. Very generous amount of meat floss, I really like the crunchiness of fresh vegetable and sweet taste of meat floss.

Vegetable with meat floss

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1250 Jalan Paya Terubong, 11060 Paya Terubong, Penang
016-433 7301
Dinner only

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