Napa Cabbage Kimchi Recipe

How to make Kimchi

1 把白菜切一半
2 洗干净后
3 在大盆子放一把盐,把菜放在下去,掀开每一片菜叶,好让叶子的深处也蘸到盐水(这盐水别倒掉了)
5 这时菜已经软了,充分洗干净(放在水龙头那边洗,一定要洗干净,不然会很咸)
6 沥干水2-3小时
7 搅拌酱料
白萝卜切细丝, 青葱,糖,鱼露,梨子切丝,蒜泥,姜蓉,辣椒粉,白芝麻(我没放)
8 把搅匀的的酱料均匀地抹在白菜(酱料不用抹太多,酱料放了一段时间会液体状,我每次贪心都放太多)
9 把包菜卷好塞进密封罐子里,让它发酵一天(一天后,你可以开起来吃一吃,你觉得不够酸就让它多发酵一段时间,记得别放太久因为会坏掉)
10 味道ok了,就放进冰箱,可耐上三个月

1. Cut Napa Cabbage into half
2. Rinse thoroughly
3. Use a big bowl and put in sea salt with water then deep Napa Cabbage into it, this allow the whole Napa Cabbage to be fully salted. Sprinkle sea salt between leaves and getting salt into the core, as much as possible. Keep the salt water for later use.
4. Leave it for 2 – 3 hours
5. Check and make sure Napa Cabbage is now soft and bendable. Wash it thoroughly and make sure all salt remove completely.
6. Let it dry for 2 – 3 hours
7. Let prepare the Kimchi Sauce, all into one big bowl
Radish finely julienne
Garlic, Ginger, Korean Pear chopped and minced
Spring Onion, Curry Powder, Fish Sauce, Sugar
8. Mix Step.7 into big bowl and apply on every leaves
9. Keep the “Kimchi” in a bottle for a day (You can try it now, if you want to have more acidity taste, leave it for few more hours, remember not to leave it for too long as it will spoil)
10. Keep it in fridge and it can last up to 3 months