Sai Lam Wantan Mee and Beef Noodle

Sai Lam Wantan Mee with Beef is a very famous place for food lover, this place has been established for so many years and still maintenance good reputation. Although parking always a problem but that never stop food lover to visit them, the wantan mee is perfectly cook and the most important is the big wan tan that fill with whole lot of meat that has very round shape instead of empty filling like most of the wantan mee in town.

Beef Noodle Wan Tan Mee that should never miss, it come with beef brisket, tendons and meat, it is very juicy and tender. The soup has very mild herbal taste but for me it lack of beef flavor, personally I like beef noodle to have very very strong beef taste. Overall it is still very delicious Wan Tan Mee to die for.

Sai Lam Beef Noodle  Wan Tan Mee

Wan Tan Mee with bbq pork and big wantan, as you can see the Wan Tan is not flat instead it is so round and fill with whole lot of meat, i like the springy texture of Wan Tan noodle here, it is perfectly cook and the sauce has the right amount of saltiness that make it so good.

Wan Tan Mee  Wan Tan MeeWan Tan Mee

Generous amount of filling in the Wan Tan.


Sai Lam Wan Tan Mee. The Wan Tan Mee itself doesn't have a name so normally people just call it SaiLam Wan Tan Mee since only one Wan Tan Mee in this coffee shop.

Sai Lam Beef Noodle  Sai Lam Beef Noodle

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Sai Lam Coffee Shop located at the junction of Carnavon Street and Chulia Street.
Operation hour from 12pm

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