Menya Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Queensbay Mall Penang

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Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen located at Queensbay Mall offering authentic Japanese culinary with Hokkaido traditional recipe. The restaurant is spaces and very comfortable, it has spaces table arrangement with wooden chair.

Menya Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Queensbay Mall  Menya Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Queensbay Mall

Japanese Tea RM2 each.

Green Tea

Gyoza RM11 for 6pcs, bottom of the Gyoza is perfectly grilled to a little bit dark, fill with generous amount of pork meat, it taste perfectly with the vinegar sauce provided.


Tonkotsu Ramen RM23, came with a piece of pork meat, seaweed, egg, black fungus and spring onions with add on a slice of Mochi. The pork bone broth taste so sweet and delicious while the added Mochi has very sticky texture and special to us, we never try Mochi in soup before. At first glance, the Ramen look like yellow noodle but it has totally different texture, it has much more springy texture and goes well with the pork broth.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen Tonkotsu Ramen Tonkotsu Ramen

Katsu Curry RM25, a slice of thick cut pork fillet deep fried to golden color then top with Japanese curry. The deep fried pork is very juicy inside while crispy outside, Japanese curry doesn’t has much spiciness instead it taste sweet. Japanese rice for this plate of Katsu Curry.

Katsu Curry

Menya Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Queensbay Mall

Menya Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Queensbay Mall

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1F- 152, Queensbay Mall, 100, Pesiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
11am to 9:30pm. Opens Daily.
604- 645 3811

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4 thoughts on “Menya Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Queensbay Mall Penang

  1. Thanks for your review. We are so glad that you like our ramen and foods. Ramen is an excellent food of Japan. We are now seeing the people of Penang are accepting and lovin’ it.

    And we have to make an apology to you, for the dark Gyoza <^^; We'll try our best to improve about this.

    By the way, we will start some new and tasty items before the end of this year. Hope to serve you again soon:)

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