Shervone Cake 2.0 Bakery Cafe Shop Penang Pulau Tikus

Shervone Cakes 2.0 should sound familiar to us since this is the 2nd shop where the first one located at Bayan Baru Krystal Point, famous for it custom made cake. The new Shervonce Cake 2.0 is located at Pulau Tikus, right beside the main street, limited parking available in front of the shop but you may park across the road and walk over. The restaurant serving great variety of cake, chocolate and food but that not all instead they do have event decoration items as well, you may want to check out their shop for your upcoming birthday party.

During our visit we try whole lot of thing started with drink like Lemonade, Hot Tea, Affogato and Cappuccino.

Lemonade Tea Affogato Cuppucino

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, al dente spaghetti with fragrance garlic oil and garlic slice, it is one of the best dishes we had where we truly enjoy the garlic fragrance and smooths of the texture.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Spaghetti Bolognese Chicken, spaghetti cook in tomato paste with chicken mince. We found that the tomato paste too dry which would taste better if more sauce will added.

Spaghetti Bolognese Chicken

Briyani Fried Rice

Briyani Fried Rice

Briyani Spice Rice with Chicken, perfectly marinated chicken grilled to perfection top with almond flake side with fresh salad and fried rice. The small bowl of chili paste that goes well with the fried rice, chicken is juicy and pack a punch of flavor.

Briyani Spice Rice with Chicken

The Long Meal which has gotten it name from all the long ingredients found on the plate. The first on the left is egg, follow by sausage and chicken wrap.

The Long Meal

Ciabatta Cheesy Chicken, healthy choice of food found here is the sandwich that consist of ham, cheese and fresh vegetable with side salad.

ciabatta cheesy chicken

Panini Wasabi Salmon, another sandwich that came with salmon as main ingredients with a little bit of wasabi in it.

Panini Wasabi Salmon

Penang Laksa is the owner secret recipe pass down from his parent with some tweak to modernize the traditional laksa, instead of using ordinary Laksa noodle he selected Angelhair spaghetti which claim to have better texture and flavor. The soup is full of fish meat came with assorted fresh vegetable such as cucumber, mint leave, onion, lettuce and chili.

Penang Laksa

LaksaPenang Laksa

We found assorted chocolate on the shelve and we will inform that they just started making chocolate by their own starting this year, another milestone hit by the owner which is a new challenge to him and his wife. They started making more and more dessert and now home made chocolate is on the dessert line, great variety of chocolate available for selection such as Rum Raisin, Peanut Butter Rocher, Curry Banan Chocolate, Matcha Choclate, Crunchy Wasabi...etc

Assorted Chocolate

Assorted Chocolate

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee

Classic Cheese Cake is one of their signature cake that has very rich cheese taste and smooth texture.

shervo20c8 (17)

Black Diamond, gotten it name form the charcoal cream and green tea cake, the most important is the Hello Kitty that is so cute.

shervo20c8 (16)

Whole lot of event accessories available here for sell, you will get what you need for you upcoming event.

Shervone Cake 2.0 Pulau Tikus

Shervone Cake 2.0 Pulau Tikus

Shervone Cake 2.0 Pulau Tikus

Shervone Cake 2.0 Pulau Tikus

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230A, Burma Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang. 012-4296948

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