Soul Cafe in Penang Georgetown with Great Western and Italian Food

Soul Cafe in Penang is a newly open cafe restaurant, it located behind the famous Town Steamboat Buffet Restaurant. Mainly serving Italian and Western food as their chef has great Italian influence and you will be surprise by how good is their Spaghetti.

Soulcaofe (1)

The restaurant located at one of the Heritage Building where they properly maintenance the building structure but that doesn't stop them from creatively decorate the interior to have a nice and cozy environment.

Soul Cafe Geogetown Penang

Soul Cafe Geogetown Penang

Soul Cafe Geogetown Penang

Cafe Americano, one shot of espresso.

Cafe Americano Cafe Americano Cafe Americano 

 Affogato, according to the owner they use a special homemade vanilla ice cream for this drink. We can really taste the different by the smooth texture of ice cream and bitter taste of coffee that goes together so well. 

Affogato Affogato  

Cappuccino that has thick steamed milk foam on top that even has the strength to hold a tea spoon.

Soulcaofe (9)

Passion Fruit Smoothies inside a photographer dream lens, it is actually a lens design cup which hold a big volume of smoothies. Passion fruits smoothies is not too sweet which is just nice for us.

Passion Fruit Smoothies

Homemade Creamy Mushroom Soup RM11, Mixed of fresh mushroom that loaded with vitamins and minerals, it is extremely flavorful. We even can taste the chop mushroom in it.

Soulcaofe (4)

Fresh Onion Soup RM9, loaded of onion slice and cook to extremely soft texture, onion sweetness fully blend into vegetable stock and topped with garlic bread.

Soulcaofe (3)

Creamy Pumpkin Soup RM9, perfectly cooked pumpkin to puree and turn golden color, it is so rich in flavor and creamy as well.

Soulcaofe (2)

Croque Madame RM15, English muffin with streak bacon, cheese, poached egg & green salad.

Croque Madame

Bruschetta RM13, Toasted sliced baguette topped with pesto, tomato salsa & saute balsamico mushroom & green salad. Great food presentation with various colorful vegetable to make this dish look awesome and the mushroom mix well with the tomato chunks.


Spaghetti Aglio e Olio RM12, Spaghetti with garlic and oil, This dish is made by lightly friend slice garlic in olive oil, with the addition of dried red chili flake, parsley and grated Parmesan cheese. Every bite has fried garlic and olive oil fragrance.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Linguine Al Vongole Pesto RM18.90, Live clams added to the linguine along with pesto, salt, red pepper and a splash of white wine. According to the shop, they shop for live clam everyday and that the reason we can taste the fresh clams in our bowl, it has the natural sea flavor and sweetness in it.

Linguine Al Vongole Pesto

Pesto Pasta RM14.90, Posto is a sauce originating in Genoa in the Ligura region of northern Italy, consisting of crushed garlic, basil, European pine nuts and walnuts blended with olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

Pesto Pasta

Spaghetti al Amatriciana RM15.90, Alla Amatriciana is one of the most well known pasta sauces in Roman and Italian cuisine. The sauce is a tomato base, with bacon and cheese. It look like Bolognese sauce to us but instead it is something different, other than the tomato taste it has quite big different taste compare to Bolognese, it does't taste so sour instead it has bacon and cheese that make it taste a little bit sauteed which is so special and i never try before, we just love this compare to Bolognese sauce.

Spaghetti al Amatriciana

Linguine al Carbonara RM15.90, Topped with bacon and mushroom cooked in olive oil, the hot pasta is combined with a mixture of cream and cheese. It doesn't taste too creamy instead myself can finish the whole plate by my own.

Linguine al Carbonara

 Dessert of the Day.


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12, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10400, Georgetown, Penang.
11 am to 11 pm
Closed on every Sunday.
604- 226 8200

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