Guo Guo Le Tom Yam Steamboat Prangin Mall Penang

Prangin Mall famous for it Shua Shua Le Tom Yam Steamboat but now there is another Guo Guo Le Tom Yam Steamboat, according to rumor this shop owner previously working in Shua Shua Le Tom Yam Steamboat hence their soup base should be same taste. Both has pretty much the same menu and Tom Yam based soup. Guo Guo Le doesn't has as strategic location as it located at somewhere not that noticeable. Anyhow, let review their steamboat and see who is the champion.

gua gua le tom yam steamboat

Even the steamboat bowl also the same type, the soup smell and look almost the same as the other shop as well. tom yam steamboat

Deep fried garlic which we like to add into our soup to give the overall soup taste a boost in flavor. fried garlic

Steamboat ingredients which consists of prawn, egg, fish ball, dumpling, mushroom, instant noodle, tofu and thin slice meat. Honestly the ingredients is exactly the same as the other shops where you can get almost all this type of ingredients at local market, nothing special. Slices meat include pork, beef and mutton.

Steamboat Ingredients

frozen slice meat

frozen slice meat

frozen slice meat

Prawn given is fresh big white prawn which is a plus. Big prawn with rice

Overall the taste and price is pretty much the same as the other shop. The tom yam soup very rich in flavor, spicy and sour which we love it so much. tom yam steamboat

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Guo Guo Le Steamboat Restaurant
Lot 33-3-29 & 30,Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Penang.
12:00pm – 9:00pm

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