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Hey guys, have you ever buy ice cream or something that will be melt online? No? Yes, we did not have that kind of experience either but we saw Kochabi provide online order and delivery to your home, we are curious how they going to do it. The order process is pretty simple where you just need to visit http://www.kochabi.com/ and choose your ice cream then they will deliver to your house then only you pay. Sound unbelievable? Yes, we did prove that it work perfectly. By the way, here is the simple shopping guide by Kochabi.

Ding Dong! Yes, I know my Ice Cream is here, it is perfectly seal in proper box and deliver in -18c frozen bag, the idea is to make sure ice cream not melt and customer received it in perfect condition. Inside they even wrapped properly to ensure ice cream freshness and shape. By the way, did i mention that they use Ta-Q-Bin delivery service? Yes, they use a courier service that allow COD Cash on Delivery, which mean you pay only when they deliver. Peace of mind.

Kochabi Ice Cream

We had 1 pint of Cempedak Gelato, 5 stick of Gelato Bar, 5 stick of Traditional Ice Cream (Potong) and another 5 stick of Fruit Bar. All in perfect shape and none of it melt although Fruit Bars are not in 100% but still maintain good shape.

Kochabi Ice Cream

Cempedak Gelato, we can smell Cempedak immediate after open it, after first spoon into our mouth we can really taste the original Cempedak taste, it doesn't taste like other Cempedak ice cream I eat before which they use Cempedak essence but for KCB Gelato they use real Cempedak and there is even Cempedak flesh in it. If you are Cempedak lover like us then you will love it. They do have other flavor such as Passion Fruit, Yam, Oreo+Vanilla, Durian and Corn, I wish to try Durian next time.

Cempedak Gelato Cempedak Gelato

Fruit Bars that made with real fruits without any preservation, 5 different flavor such as Kiwi, Mango, Lemon, Strawberry and Pineapple. Now I know why they call it Fruit Bars instead of ice cream, it is like eating icy fruit juice. Personally I like the Lemon flavor, it taste sour and sweet which is well balanced while Strawberry come next. I found Kiwi to be a little bit mild in flavor.

Fruit Bars Fruit Bars  Fruit Bar Strawberry Fruit Bar

There is 4 different flavor for Gelato Bars which is Cempedak. Durian, Red Bean and Yam. Gelato Bars has harder texture compare to Fruit Bars and it taste more toward Ice Cream, Red Bean Gelato Bars has a lot red bean in it while the Cempedak you will see some Cempedak in it. Durian flavor is very flavorful.

 Gelato Bars

Traditional Ice Cream "Potong" is their signature Ice Cream where you can find it in Wedding dinner served as dessert or you can get it in some of the shopping complex as well. 7 different flavor for Potong which is Cempedak, Durian, Red Bean, Yam, Strawberry, Mint and Jagung. We have tested all their Potong for so many times, as a loyal customer we always buy their Potong as it is so cheap RM1.50 only and it taste so good.

Ice Cream   

Here is the screen shot of their website, they do provide free delivery for purchase above RM59.90 and various package available for selection as well. The more you buy the cheaper it is. So why wait? You can drop by their FB 古早味Kochabi Facebook for more info.

Kochabi Ice Cream

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