Road Side Tom Yam and Fish Head Noodle

Road Side Tom Yam and Fish Head Noodle restaurant located at the junction of Jalan Bagan Jermal and Jalan Mt Erskine previously is a western food restaurant but now has change owner and become Fish Head Noodle restaurant. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating where indoor has air-con and much more comfortable especially when you eat the sour and spicy tom yam soup. Parking space is limited so came early to avoid parking at road side. Road Side Tom Yam and Fish Head Noodle

Road Side Tom Yam and Fish Head Noodle

Assorted fish ball, vegetable and seafood can be add on, you have to queue and choose what you want then pass it to guys for preparation. Road Side Tom Yam and Fish Head Noodle

Various type of fish ball available, personally we prefer the pork ball , artificial tofu and the white color fish ball. Tom Yam Ingredients

Fresh fish meat, whole fish, prawn and other type of seafood can be add on as well. Tom Yam Ingredients

Deep fried fish meat is a must and you have the choice either fish meat only or fish head, personally i like fish head as it meat has better texture and more crispy. Fried Fish Meat

There is 3 type of option available, milky fish head noodle, clear soup porridge or tom yam noodle. If you choose only fish meat without additional add on that will be RM6 each and every add on has it own price.

We like the milky fish head noodle very much, it has "kiam chai" and added carnation making it very smooth with mild milky flavor, the soup itself very flavorful and delicious, we don't feel thirsty even though we finish up whole bowl soup. The thick cut fish meat is perfectly deep fried but maintain juiciness, we should add more since it taste so good. Milky Fish Head Noodle

Tom Yam Fish Head Noodle, the soup is pretty thick in flavor where spiciness and sourness is on the right level which we really enjoy it to the max. Add on deep fried fish meat making it taste so good. Tom Yam Soup

Tom Yam Soup

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No 1, Jalan Bagan Jermal, 10250 Penang

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