Secret Recipes Home Making Roasted Pork

Today we going to share something that everyone is waiting for, our secret recipe to home made roasted pork. We been sharing our golden crispy roasted pork in Facebook for so many times and every time people asking for recipe but we always too busy to compile. Finally, we decided not to drag and disappointing our fellow friends and family so we make our very first recipe video and we do hope that you love it. Please give us your feedback and help us share around. Thanks

Honestly, we did failed a few times but after a few attempt we found that making of Roasted Pork is so simple and we do believe you can get it right in the first try with our simple step by step guide.

You can get all ingredients from local market easily and the most important is to get a piece of fresh pork belly which is the key to the success.


 Roasted Pork Recipes

Click here for Chinese Version 【食谱】皮脆肉嫩且多汁的烧肉