Tsunami Seafood Village Tanjung Bungah Penang

Tsunami Seafood Village Restaurant located right beside seaside of Tanjung Bungah area. The restaurant name Tsunami is kind of special and easy to remember, but why they name it Tsunami? Em, we have no idea but most probably they name it after the tsunami incidents that happen in year 2004. Parking can be a big problem here as there is no dedicated parking space available so customer have to park their car at the road side or opposite and walk over. It not hard to spot the restaurant, just look for this big blue sign with the word Tsunami then you are at the right restaurant.

Tsunami Seafood Village

The restaurants is spaces with amazing views, we never expect it to be so big judge by the small entrance we pass by. Well, if you would like to dine at the open area it is highly recommended to make reservation as it quickly fill up. Tsunami Seafood Village

Tsunami Seafood Village

Checking through their seafood we found they have whole lot of fresh crab and other seafood. Fresh Crab

Fresh coconut drinks. Fresh Coconut

Baked Crab RM56, although the crab is small compare to what we expected but the freshness and juiciness still up to our expectation. We regret never ask for big prawn or choose our self, anyhow the crab is perfectly baked and with this type of cooking method as long as the crab fresh everything is perfect. Baked Crab

Lemongrass Steamed Fish RM33, the fish is fully soak into lemongrass soup which has whole lot of lemongrass, mushroom, chili, tomato and garlic. It has strong lemongrass and a hint of sauteed taste, fish is extremely fresh and delicious. Lemon Glass Steamed Fish

Deep Fried Squid RM20, squid ring coat with a thin layer of flour deep fried to golden color, which is perfectly cook to soft and not rubbery. Deep Fried Squid

Kam Heong Eggplant RM10, this dish was recommended by the waitress as one of their signature dish, we though it going to be soft and mushy but we are wrong, we know it must be good immediately when it served to our table. The eggplant is cut into small size and deep fried then coat with a layer of Kam Heong sauce. It is very good appetizer. Kam Heong Eggplant

Asam Prawn RM27, prawn is deshell and cook in Asam sauce, it taste sweet and sour. We just have to remove the head and tail to enjoy it meaty prawn with a hint of sweet and sourness. Asam Prawn

Tremendous sea view and you can enjoy seaside walk after dinner. Price is reasonable and it is a perfect location to enjoy dinner with friends and family, if i have relative or friends coming from other state/country this should be a place to visit. Tsunami Seafood Village

Tsunami Seafood Village

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543-A Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang.
012-487 2718 / 019-447 2718
Closed on Mondays.

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