2828 Beef Noodle Koay Teow Cafe Penang

2828 Beef Noodle Cafe has been around for very long time and I will come here whenever i craving for Beef Noodle. The coffee shop has another staff selling economy rice as well but i never try it out since my main objective to come here is to eat beef noodle so i never has empty room to try other things.

2828 Beef Noodle Cafe

2828 Beef Noodle Cafe

The only downside about this hawker is the chili paste, it just too simple without much oomph. I love the one i ate in KL Petaling Street Shin Kee which has the best beef noodle and chili.2828 Beef Noodle Cafe

While waiting for our noodle to be ready we try the RM1.50 Nasi Lemak, the chili paste is too less but still taste not bad, especially the crispy ikan bilis. 2828 Beef Noodle Cafe

My beef noodle aka beef koay teow, I always order extra ingredients but i forgot how much, should be around RM8 or 9. Sorry, i really can't recall how much. There is whole lot ingredients and the soup is clear and flavorful. 2828 Beef Noodle Cafe

I like the beef tendon very much and always remember to eat the beef meat immediately after served else it will become rough and chewy. The soup is very clear and full of beef flavor, we did not taste thirsty after eating as well. That day we went on 11 something and the soup is not that thick so I highly recommend to go after 12.30pm, although you have to wait for sometime but the soup is definitely taste good.
2828 Beef Noodle Cafe

Check out other Beef Noodle location such as Beef Noodle at B Garden for dinner time,  Sai Lam Beef Wan Tan Noodle for lunch time, Beef Ball Noodle a HoPing (lunch) or you can try Vietnamese Beef Noodle at Que Hoong Toi or  Hoong Que. My all time favorite still the one in KL Petaling Street Shin Kee.

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2828 Cafe
Perak Plaza, No 56K, Jalan Perak, 10460, Pulau Pinang
Lunch Time Only

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